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What topics are covered in senior high school chemistry?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18403points) 1 month ago

Are they fun?

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Link View a few lectures in an online course and see what you think. I find that a high level view of organic chemistry is interesting but, at some point, keeping track of all the details is more than I care to know about.

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We learned the periodic table, parts of a cell, balanced equations, and did lab experiments. I remember making acetone so I could remove nail polish. They each us how to measure accurately, use a Bunsen burner, safety measures. I only took chemistry one term (9 weeks).

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Gas Laws – pressure, volume and temperature and their relationship.

ph – - Acids and bases

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I took high school chemistry in 1969. The bulk of the emphasis and grade was based on solving chemistry problems by understanding the nature of elements, ions, pH, compounds. Problems started out very simple and gradually got more and more complex.

I didn’t like my high school chemistry teacher as I believed that he intentionally tried to make the calculations confusing by setting up the long equations all in one step. I had to shut his instruction off in my brain and figure out how to solve the chemistry problems on my own through using logic and baby steps. I got the 3rd highest grade in the class.

Of course there were experiments but I remember them as very simple and even laughable.

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Catching snow on fire was fun.

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@Zaku Ah the old Na metal experiment!

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