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Why do gay men over decorate?

Asked by 14Just_Me (1points) 1 month ago

There is a gay couple in my neighborhood, and what once was a nice house and yard is now SO OVER ‘decorated’ with their ‘stuff’ you can hardly see the yard. The once beautiful porch is like a ‘jungle’ with so many plants. I just want to know WHY

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Probably the same reason straight men and women over decorate, because those individuals have bad taste and feel like “more is more.”

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Why do bigots assume that a particular group of individuals always meet their particular interpretation of a stereotype?

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Because you can’t handle our fabulousness and misinterpret it as “overdecorating”?

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“One doesn’t prove all” just a fallacy on your part.

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Why do people with “14” in their names always overgeneralize?

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What does their being gay have to do with it?

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My gay friends don’t over-decorate their yards, so I couldn’t say.
I’m straight and my front porch is a jungle of plants, too.

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So, do you think that everyone becomes hard gay on Halloween and Christmas?

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@14Just_Me Is “their stuff” of any sexual nature? If “their stuff” is plants, flowers,
like most households but “perhaps” overdone, I do not see the problem. And it really
sounds like you are anti gay. (perhaps not)

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”...everyone becomes hard gay on Halloween and Christmas?” too funny!

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Does anyone else wonder how the OP knows they’re gay?

Must be because of the stuff on their porch.

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One might question WHY you think they’ve over decorated because they’re gay. Also, your opinion that they’ve over decorated is just an opinion.

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This is really much too much!

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Maybe they act like this, so he knows that they are gay.

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They tend to over emphasize their feminine side.

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Because they can and they think it’s cool.
I don’t think that sexual orientation has anything to do with over decorating.
Many neighborhoods have that one house that over does it with decorations.
We have one of those in our our neighborhood. Their yard is covered with brightly colored pots, figurines, shovels, hoes and rakes. I see an elderly looking woman enjoying her yard especially on nice days.
It’s AOK with me. Whatever rattles your cage.
Oh and there is a gay men couple right next door to us and they hardly every do anything to their yard.

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Have you ever contemplated the possibility that people, like that couple you mentioned, are doing decorating exáctly right, and you are severely únder-decorating?

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My former coworker’s yard looks like Christmas vomited on it every year. It never occurred to me that she is gay. Never occurred to her husband either. Obviously we were wrong.

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I see what you did @Dutchess_III !^^^^^^^

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It occurs to me that we should ask to preserve this thread as a public service. It’s a great example of why people should look around and take in the culture a little bit before they post a whiny question.


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Well, if you could shift your perspective to be relative, then you might accept my answer about why I, as (just one) straight male, under-decorate, to the point of almost never decorating anything, and that would be that I don’t care, and find decorating to take time and energy and money that I’d rather be putting into other things, particularly since I never seem to have enough time, energy, or money for the things I do care about.

So if things are just relative, and I’m closer to your normal, then surely the reason other people decorate more than I do, is because surely they care more about decoration than I do, and they’re evidently willing to put time/energy/money into doing so.

And part of the reason why I as a straight man don’t care much about decorating, may also to do with having been raised in a society that says that as a large potentially-intimidating straight white male, I don’t have much I need to display to get some level of acceptance. At most, some insecure men may jealously try to taunt me if/when I don’t cut my hair short. I feel I can ignore most aesthetic and social status displays, and not many people are liable to mess with me about it, because unfair cultural privilege, compared to say, women or gay people who in this culture face lots of scrutiny and much more value judgements based on aesthetics.

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They want to make the world more beautiful, one porch at a time.

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