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Were Texas to secede, would it become harder, or easier for the GOP to win future presidential elections?

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Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Texas!

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They could buy their electric power from Mexico and Venezuela!

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It would be harder, despite predictions of Texas starting to turn Blue, or at least purple.

While Texans are not individually dependent on Federal money, the state certainly is. Texas government ranks 24th in dependency on Federal dollars.

All I can say is, “Adios!”

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Don’t know but all these military bases would be told to destroy all infrastructure and secrets and leave the hostile country !

Army Futures Command

Corpus Christi Army Depot

Dyess Air Force Base

Ellington Field

Fort Bliss

Fort Hood

Goodfellow Air Force Base

Joint Base San Antonio
Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base and Randolph Air Force Base

Laughlin Air Force Base

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base

Naval Air Station Kingsville

Red River Army Depot

Sheppard Air Force Base

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If Texas attempted to secede, the US military would prevent it, echoing the Civil War (not the one with the Avengers). That would cause the South to support them. If they tried to join Texas, they would not be voting in the election, insuring a Dem victory.

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Harder for a while.

If Texas got serious some people would flee the state. Probably go to Arizona and Florida. The question is would some people run towards the Texas?

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It doesn’t matter as Texas will likely turn blue soon and besides that the GOP is dead.

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