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For all those in other countries - Is your government issuing anything like US stimulus checks as part of a pandemic relief plan?

Asked by JLoon (8573points) March 2nd, 2021


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Canada has, it was called the cerb it was 2 grand a month for five months, but fully taxable meaning you will pay tax on the money.

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I know Germany and the UK did. In fact right now my friend is being paid in the UK, because they are in lockdown. I don’t know if everyone is getting the current one, or just people who were harmed by the lockdown. She had to close her restaurants.

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It seems most countries have been providing relief. Though the details are different, other countries tend to be offering substantial regular monthly relief rather than the US system of “Gawd knows if/when you get a minor payment as the government has political arguments about it.”

This Snopes articles about a meme on the subject has some digestible details:

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The Mexican government has given out a total of zero pesos in aid.

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@bob_ Did MX close businesses? I haven’t asked any of our relatives down there.

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@JLeslie During the first months, all “non-essential” businesses were ordered to close. That was steadily relaxed, until mid-December when there was a second peak in infections. As the second wave has come down, restrictions have been eased again.

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@bob_ My husband’s aunt died two days ago from covid. I’m not sure what city she’s in. I think maybe Cabo, but I might have the locations confused, he has a lot of aunts. She already was declining in health with something, but not dying, I guess the covid was too much for her body.

I’m glad your back here! I hope you stay a little while.

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