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Do you iron your clothes?

Asked by chyna (46053points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Dress clothes, jeans, polo shirts, shorts, and other assorted items?
I don’t. I fluff the wrinkles out in the dryer.
I just wondered if people still ironed.

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Lika hail no!

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Once in a blue moon I iron a dance outfit for a performance.

When my husband has to wear a shirt and tie we usually send the shirts to be laundered and pressed, but when we were younger he used to iron his shirts.

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No, unless they’re terribly wrinkled out of the dryer, but I remember as a pre-teen being paid a quarter for ironing my father’s handkerchiefs, our pillow cases, and a few other easy items.

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There is reason I buy “no press” !

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For more than half a century now, I’ve made it a life goal not to own anything that needs ironing.

When I was no more than 12, my mother informed me that it was my duty to know how to iron a man’s shirt properly. She taught me the order of steps and the technique. That may have been when my innocent soul first saw the necessity of rebellion. I can affirm that I had scarcely begun to know the man I later married before telling him that I don’t iron shirts.

More than once, my husband actually ironed a blouse for me.

I do use an iron as a sewing tool, though. Some things would be impossible otherwise.

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What’s an iron?

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Only my dress pants/shirts. I’m honestly shocked so many other Jellies never iron.

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Nope. I think the last time I used an iron was 1999. I don’t even own an iron now.

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Only dress clothes, which means years between ironings, and someone’s probably getting married…

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It would be really strange to iron sweatpants.

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For the most part, no. Once in a while I will but not often. I don’t wear blouses so that is one less thing that would need ironing. I may wear a linen shirt in the summer, or cotton gauzy material, which needs ironing. Jeans, I’ll never iron.

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I used to iron my shirts but I don’t anymore. I let the creases come out naturally while the shirts dry on the hanger. I still have my iron but I haven’t used it in years.

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@Jeruba, my mom made a big deal of having me learn as well, because “You will need to iron your husband’s shirts, it’s important you do a good job.”

Gotta wonder if that contributed to my decision to never marry?

So no, I never iron.

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Rarely. My mom can happily iron for hours still, while watching tv.

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@canidmajor: A friend used to have to iron her husband’s shirts every week. It’s so cheap (or relatively cheap) to get them cleaned and pressed at the dry cleaner, it’s worth it (I think) to go that route. She’s divorced now so that’s no longer an issue.

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My iron rusted for lack of use.

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@chyna No, I haven’t ironed clothes for years. While still warm from the dryer, I lay them flat
on my bed ad smooth them. Even the cotton knits come out pretty wrinkle free.

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No, but use when sewing pattern ( rare now).
I take clothes out of dryer and fold right away.
I purchase Permanent Press fabric/clothes.

Maybe in the past ( yes my mother made me and my sisters iron my older brothers ‘white” shirts, until my older sister (purposely) left a huge iron burn on the back of his shirt and he wore it under his suit jacket of which was embarrassed at work when he took off the jacket…haha everyone laughed at him….he never had us do his ironing ever again).

Note: In the past when women were few in the workforce and the fabric were not that great mother had all day to iron among other tasks to keep her busy .

However in this present day and age when it is normal for a women to be expected to work,

raise the children, cook for the family and multi task it is too much to ask to iron as

well when technology had eliminated that need anyways.

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I do not. My husband is an ironing fool though.

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@canidmajor, and how much time in college did you spend waiting your turn for the ironing board on your dorm floor (even if you had your own iron, as some girls did), so you could iron those damnable little made-to-crease cotton blouses with the Peter Pan collars? Why did we let anyone force us to believe this was necessary?

After that came maxi skirts, mini skirts, little cotton knits, shawls, pullovers, loose cotton shifts in psychedelic prints, unwrinklable synthetics (ugh), jeans, and a whole lot of other sartorial freedoms that have never been reined back in since. Youngsters today don’t know what we went through…

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@Jeruba, I am so fashion forward now that I describe my personal style as “Clean…on a good day.” I think my mother is relieved that she never has to see me dress in ways of which she doesn’t approve. ;-)

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@Dutchess_III That Rick is something else! haha! He was very put together when I saw him, though, so that makes sense. He looks fastidious, nice to see.

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He can be very fastidious. It’s kind of at odds with the rest of him.

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Nothing gets ironed, and I don’t even own an iron anymore. At this point, nothing I wear even gets folded.

In the words of Dr. Seuss: “Those who mind don’t matter – and those who matter don’t mind.”

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I get “no iron” clothes and never put them in the dryer, always block them and hang them to dry.
Only rarely is something unsuitable after that… and if I have to iron something that might be the last time I ever wear it.

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Not any more. A few years ago I bought an ironing board which is still in its packaging.

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