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Wow! What an accomplishment! Can we all welcome kritiper to the ranks of 20 K?

Asked by canidmajor (17491points) 1 month ago

Kritiper has reached 20K and has moved up in the mansion! Congratulations!!!

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Wow, what a huge accomplishment! From Idaho to the mansion! Congratulations @Kritiper. Let’s get this party going. Meet out by the pool for all your favorite games and food!!

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Congrats @Kripter! Way to go!

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Well done @Kritiper!

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Congrats, thanks for all your contributions!

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Congratulations, Kritiper! Welcome to the Mansion! I’d say we’re all ready for a celebration!

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20Kongratulations @kritiper Well earned.

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Nicely done @kritiper!

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Wow @kritiper! Congrats on the well deserved 20k!
The mansion has a nice spot waiting for you. Of course you can keep your cave for vacation trips, but make sure to head out every once in a while to get your PSA test results.

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Compliments on a job well done!

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Good going, well done! Have a Taco and lets party.

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Oh sorry I’m late. Congrats!

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Congo rats! I am glad people recognize your contributions here!

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Congratulations! Enjoy the mansion. :)

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Thank you all so very much and I look forward to seeing all of you at the party! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your putting up with me and my quirks. Special thanks go out to the mods as well.

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Hey Krip! Nice job!

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A big BRAVO to you!

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Wow…good job! CoNgRaTs!!!

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