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You can stop time...what do you do?

Asked by trudacia (2513points) September 9th, 2008 from iPhone

You can stop time but only once. You can do anything humanly possible without repercussion. What do you do?

Rob a bank? Steal a famous painting? Steal from the rich and give to the poor? Pass on stopping time because it’s too scary?

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I would go up to a really hot girl and [Removed by Fluther Moderators]

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I would go around to as many ginormous gas company CEOs as I could and write out checks for millions of dollars from their personal accounts and then cash them. They’re robbing us every day… time to take it back!

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poof, nice! I said “no repercussions”.....

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i would pull down everyone in the world’s pants. then, when they wake up, it’ll be awkward.

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I would travel all over the world with my camera taking the best photos I could.

Would make for a he’ll of a portfolio.

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I’d go around to furniture stores with my scissors and cut off that tag that says “do not remove under penalty of law” from all the pillows and mattresses.

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@Chuck: you bastard.

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I would go to the IRS master computers and would erase all the data from every single hard drive they have, worldwide, crippling their entire system, permanently, so when time was restored, they would have no more knowledge about anyone, regarding who they were, what they earned, and what (if anything) they owed.

I’m sure that would give me an erection, too.

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I’d make a scheme to take ten cents out of every single banck account and transfer to mine in Switzerland, it would be big enough to buy lots, lots of hot things :)

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Or to rent lots of “hot” women!

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Just go to a REALLY boring meeting that you have no function at – that stops time all right.

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Good observation!

Also, listening to boring sermons in church will do it, too.

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I would stay in this time period until there was a cure for my Autistic Son. He has a school which helps him. I would stop time on Jan 3 .
Nice dream. I wish I could.

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wow…. Eternal Holidays…. :)

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I would rob a bank to make sure we had enough to move back to where we lived before

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I would still stop time now.

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