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Can Western Democracies really be called democracies, if apart from elections, every sub-organisation is run dictatorially?

Asked by ragingloli (48220points) 1 month ago

Families are dicatorships.
Companies and Corporations are dictatorships.
Religions, by their very nature of having gods demanding unquestionable obedience, are dictatorships.
Police and military are dictatorships.
Government agencies are dictatorial.
The justice system, with the possible exception of jury trials, are dictatorial.
Are modern democracies, just elaborate fictions to fool people into believing that they are free and that their voice matters, when in reality, they are barely less oppressed and controlled than when ruled by kings, emperors, priests and popes?

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It is interesting. We’re always being told we “have a voice” when it comes to government, but then in the workplace you’re no more than a peon who does what he’s told and if you try to change things, you’ll be fired.

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Democracies have the illusion of choice and perception is all that really matters.

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Democracy is like the air you breathe, you aren’t very aware of it until it is gone.

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