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Why are people always on Fluther?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 9th, 2008

Is it the joy of helping people or more for helping yourself? What is it?

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I don’t know. I just like it… a lot.

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Don’t we all just love it here at Fluther???

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the more you fluther, the more you fluther. the more you are on it, the more you find more to read and think of things to write, and you can comment to other people privately, which is fun too. i have been commenting to my doctor privately and it’s quite interesting – he’s Bri L.

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OHMIGOSH!!!!!!! Isn’t it both??? helping others and getting good advice… is too much fun here….

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I know. Like I said:
Don’t we all just love it here at Fluther???

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Once you fluther once your hooked…..

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Im just going to write a prescription for fluther 24/7 made out to jca.

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I don’t know. It just has this strange hold on me.

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find it very good intertainment,and fun

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Fluther is fun.
Fluther is informative.
Fluther is friendships.
Fluther is life’s big and little questions.
Fluther is a community that cares.
Fluther is answers when you need them.
Fluther is somewhere to dump all that useless knowledge rattling around in your head.

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very well said

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And it tastes good too.

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Whether it is packaged in Eastern longies or Western Stubbys, right, AC?

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and it is free ????????

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Fluther mirrors our life on the outside. In addition to Marina’‘s list, we have conflict, conflict-resolution, brush fires, incendiary bombs, and a way to reconnect to our days in jr. high. And let us not forget the zeitgeist, schadenfreude and what was the other word that Knot used recently (that began with a “w”)?

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Yes. But it’s tastier on the left coast.

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i’m addicted to this :-|

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non nom nom

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My favorite aspect is hearing about thing I had never even thought about.

And stuff like this interesting.

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I’m stuck in the cube.

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Fluther is a big coffee house, and lurve is like heroin. Gotta get your fix, or it makes your tattoos hurt. :-)

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Sadly, I am writing immediately after my buddy Zebra – who despite having said that – has left fluther nonetheless. Zee – you’re sorely missed. The place just isn’t the same.

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meh. Good riddance.

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