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Torch down or silicon roof?

Asked by Caravanfan (9536points) 1 month ago

I have to reroof my house. It’s got a flat roof with torch down. The roofer gave me a quote for torch down replacement and silicon. He’s trying to upsell me on the silicon saying that it’s easier, lasts longer, better warranty, etc, but it’s a couple of thousand dollars more. My Google Fu isn’t with me today, so I’m wondering if others have experience with this?

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My Google-Fu found this article which seems reasonably balanced and may, at the very least, help you to ask the right questions of your roofer. I would also ask about any warranties he offers on the two options. I have no experience with flat roofs myself. Hope that’s helpful.

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@gorillapaws Thanks. Yeah, I saw that article too (so I guess my Google Fu is as good as yours). But what it doesn’t talk about specifically is torch down roofs and the comparison with them. My property manager says it’s not worth the money. I have a couple of more roofing estimates coming so I’ll ask them.

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I recently had to reroof and it helped when I asked two of my local Facebook groups for my community because a lot of neighbors had a similar problem with the roof. One guy had a lot of experience with roofs that have to hold up in hurricanes, which is a problem here. If you have similar homes to yours where you live I think it might be very helpful for you.

I also called the building department in my city because there had been a recent change in the code requirement, which doesn’t sound like your situation, but the city engineers might have an opinion.

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