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Where do you stand in the subject of lurve?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 9th, 2008
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I am hoping to get 166 now!!!

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Not from me you won’t, you dirty, stinkin’ lurve whore.

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With this question?

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@robmandu Thanks so much. I take that as a compliment.

@tru Where do you think between everyone else.

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Do you think you are doing good compared to everyone else and there lurve count.

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Don’t compare your lurve with anyone else’s…it should be enjoyed as it is given. lurve for lurve’s sake, alone.

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I’m standing in the shadow of lurve.

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Yeah well I asked this question because well look at me…..

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@swim, I don’t compare myself to others in life or in Lurve.

There are flutherers that have been using this site a lot longer than me….and others that answer a lot more questions than me. It’s impossible to compare.

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It’s certainly NOT BETTER to have lurved and LOST as some people have found out the hard way…..

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@PnT Gettin’ ready for the heartache of lurve . . .

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Why can’t I find the other 20 questions on this subject? Note to Andrew; improve search engine.

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i want lurve to be called “gold”... like in Diablo ^__^... what is Lurve btw? (in a non-fluther perspective) and what is Fluther??? (too lazy to Google) :P

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Lurve measures the amount of Great Answers, Great Questions People Give you. It also includes th 1 point you get every day for coming two day in a row. It can be shown on the Fluther home page under Activity for You and Blog. Just click what the….?

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If you cannot deposit them into a Swiss bank account, nor spend them at a Nevada brothel, then what good are they?

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Lurve is a painful tingly feeling.

A Fluther is a group of jellyfish.

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…I really learned a lot,
I really learned a lot-
Lurve is like a flame,
it burns you when it’s hot…

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Stand? You mean we have to stand up for lurve now?? Makes it pretty hard to reach the keyboard, ya know.

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I won’t stand for anything! (Except the flag, the national anthem, and when a lady enters the room.)

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Well in the 70’s lurve was more free, now it’s kinda hard to get some free lurve. These days you have to work for it more.

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@richardhenry: You wrote, A Fluther is a group of jellyfish.

You know what a group of deaf people is called?


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lurves are for ass-kissers and yes-men.

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kiss kiss yes yes

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Lurve me tender,
Lurve me true,
Lurve me now
So I’ll lurve you.

Is there such a thing as unconditional lurve?

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I have 1 lurve point.
Where DO I stand?

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