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Could you recommend a painting course for me?

Asked by hihellohi (120points) 1 month ago

I’ll be honest, I cannot draw as of right now. But I really want to learn how to paint in acrylics and gouache. I’ve seen some conflict on whether you need to be able to draw or not to paint, but the bottom line is I don’t have an innate sense for drawing. If I do one day learn, it will be more skill and less talent.
(Not saying those who had talent for drawing never put in work or had it super easy by the way).
In any case, learning drawing just isn’t catching my fancy anyway. I want to learn to paint, and not portraits or animals. Landscapes are what I want to focus on.
Is there a course you could recommend that I can learn from? That is not so drawing heavy, and focuses more on painting. Of course, I expect some level of drawing, but nothing too heavy if possible. Keep in mind that I am at beginner level, and would like to start from absolute scratch. Ideally by the end of the course, or the end of a follow up course/s, I should like to be able to translate reference images into paintings. Also, I know Youtube is a great resource, but I’m looking for something serious that will get me results if I work hard. It’s difficult to find a really good course on Youtube. But if you personally have seen one and recommend it, I’m not averse to checking it out!
Thanks in advance!

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I believe the entire Bob Ross collection is up on Youtube

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@ragingloli ooh that didn’t even occur to me! Thank you so much!

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You can take art classes.

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@KRD Thank you for answering! I have taken a couple before, but sadly there aren’t very many good ones where I live. One of my mother’s friends is great, and we did ask about classes a while back but somehow nothing really happened. And of course, online is the most convenient :) so I’m looking for some online options.

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Look up Jerry Yarnell on YouTube, also Buck Paulson

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I took a course.
Really cheap costs but had fun trying it courses ( like $20 +) video learning online

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I believe I’ve seen Steve Ross, Bob’s son, painting on youtube, also.

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I know you’ve explicitly stated you’re not interested in drawing, but the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is really fantastic and trains you how to “see.” This would of course apply to painting as well. It’s about learning how to break down a subject into it’s shapes/shadows etc. and is full of exercises. I highly recommend it.

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Thank you all so much for the recommendations. I’ll take a look at them all.
@gorillapaws thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out. Who knows, I might end up learning how to draw after all.

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There is a course on Udemy 25 days to Better Drawings that gives you a lot of good basics for not a lot of $$.

Right now it’s priced at $34.99 but I know I got it on sale for more like $12. They have deep discounts frequently. So go to the site and browse around and you might get a discount offer in a day or so.

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My recommendation: Take your brushes, colors, and panels, papers, canvas and go into a landscape in front of the door and beginning simply.
No master is falling out of the sky, just courage if you know what you want…

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I was going to recommend the same book as @gorillapaws, and for the same reason, so I’ll just take a moment to talk it up again. It’s less about specific pencil/drawing techniques and more, to repeat what @gorillapaws said, about understanding how to see things like an artist (including some great exercises).

As you’re reading it, I’d take the framing of “conflict between the hemispheres” more as a model than as what is literally happening in the brain, but I think the point of the model is true and useful. I think it’s a great starting point.

Sounds like you’re beginning an exciting adventure :) Have fun with it!

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I’ll second watching Bob Ross! I went to a fund raiser for a local art museum that featured Bob Ross type painting. It was 2 hours and free. I learned a lot.
Also check your library for adult paint nights. (Maybe after Covid) They are a fun way to learn some techniques.

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I third watching Bob Ross.

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