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Is it true that if a package is marked "return to sender" inappropriately, it will be thrown out after it's mailed?

Asked by AsksQuestions (58points) 1 month ago

I asked what happens to a package that’s inappropriately marked “return to sender”” (like if it’s opened and resealed or has an item added to it) and someone said they would throw it out. Is this true?

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Not sure but wonder if the sender gets charged shipping costs twice?
If so wouldn’t the Post Office notify the sender and thus if he/she didn’t want it it then gets thrown out? possible.
I had an envelope that I returned or actually wrote forward to new address and it worked.

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This reminds me of the excellent short film Long Term Delivery .

I do not believe the post office throws out anything for a long time. (I’m guessing a year.) They do their best to get it back to the sender.

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@LuckyGuy the film was hilarious. Worth the 15 minutes. I don’t know how realistic it was, but it was a good laugh.


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@elbanditoroso I loved the scene where he talks to “Postmaster.” Both are such dedicated employees and both follow procedures – to the letter.

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