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Realistic Weight gain in one day?

Asked by vetements (4points) March 6th, 2021

I’m 103 pounds 18 year old 5,6 male with anorexia and binge ate a 5000 calorie pizza meal today for a change. I Usually eat around 1000–1400 calories a day. I know 3500kcal = 1 pound weight gain over a week but realistically will i gain this or any weight from this one day if i return to my usual diet tomorrow and following

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Whatever weight gain you get from today’s pizza will be lost if you go back to your anorexic “diet”. If you are truly anorexic you need to see your doctor and get counseling. Anorexia is at its least terribly unhealthy and at its worst can kill you.

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@vetements You need to get a handle on the eating disorder rather
sooner than later. See your doctor. God Bless.

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If your physical activity stays the same and you maintain your normal weight stable diet over the next week you may see around a half pound of weight gain.

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The pizza is probably salty and will tend to get you to drink and retain more liquids, which will temporarily make you weigh more, by more than the pizza.

And on a one-day scale, the amount you gain/lose is the simple weight of the food and liquids you eat, minus the weight you excrete (including sweat).

All of which is not usually worth thinking about. Imagine how it would be to give almost no consideration to diet or weight or body image other than eating good healthy food when you’re hungry. I hope you get some good counseling on the anorexia.

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I lost 50 lbs the summer I was 35 years old—from 254 to 200, in about two months. Then, I binge ate pizza at a training event where I worked. I continued to lose weight. If I kept that kind of eating up I probably wouldn’t have.

But I concur with the above—eating disorders can kill you.

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