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Do Wikipedia pages about famous people in countries outside of the United States and not written in English state where the person’s family is from?

Asked by JLeslie (65194points) March 7th, 2021 from iPhone

If I look up a famous person in America in English the Wikipedia page almost always says where the actors family is from or some sort of brief mention about religion or ancestry. I specifically am curious about other languages, because that is likely to be pages written by people local in the country of the famous person.

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Maybe. The Wikipedia pages in different languages are completely separate from the English pages and could well contain more info on them than the English pages. But as everything is added by users there’s no hard and fast rule ability what you might be covered.

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^^Almost every page in English for American celebrities say their ancestry and many their religion also. In America it’s commonplace to wonder and ask where someone’s family is from.

I’m wondering if other countries do the same about their celebrities.

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