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How far did you have to travel to get your Covid vaccination shots?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26150points) 1 month ago

As asked. Thanks.

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I’m scheduled to get my first (and hopefully last) Fauci ouchi on 3–12-2021 (7 weeks out from when I scheduled it). I will travel 20 miles (one way) to get it.

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A few blocks.

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15 miles.

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Both about 11 miles down I-85

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About 10 miles.

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10 miles. My part 2 is scheduled in a couple weeks.

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Only a mile and a half.

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They came to me.

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According to google: 16 miles, 25 minutes. I’ll do some grocery shopping on the way home so the trip is not just for the shot.

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Three blocks (just under ½ mile) to the Safeway pharmacy.

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What the…mine was 42 miles.

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