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Have you used kinesiology tape?

Asked by gondwanalon (19850points) 1 month ago

Did it work well for you?
How long did it take before kinesiology tape offered benefits (decreased pain and swelling).

I’ve seen people wearing these multi colored tapes for many years. Supposed to decrease pain by enhancing lymphatic fluid flow which decrees inflammation and speeds up the healing process.

I injured my elbow while canoe racing last Wednesday. Pushed too hard with my 70 year old body. Pain location is at or about the spot for “tennis elbow” injury. Could only paddle at 50% effort or less on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday’s canoe paddle the pain level seem to higher. I thought, “Looks like l’m really injured this time”. It was painful to even make a fist or pick up light objects.

I was very skeptical of kinesiology tape but tried it anyway for the first time this morning. It seem to help decrease the pain right away. An hour after putting it on I got on a paddling machine (Concept II with a paddle converter). I was surprised and delighted that the pain level in my elbow was decreases substantially (like an 80% decrease).

I think that I’m now a believer. Even if it doesn’t make sense to me how the experts say it works. How could it decrease inflammation and pain in one hour? Perhaps it works somewhat like the placebo effect. I’m good with that. HA!

What is your experience with kinesiology tape?

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I don’t know the physiology behind it, but I know it works.

I currently have k-tape on my 72 year old ankle. It seems to offer support to the ankle in addition to the pain relief you mentioned.

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I’ve used it.. but only.. ahem…

And yeah, it works well for that.

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