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What is your opinion of the GOP lifting the mandatory mask mandate in their states?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20035points) 1 month ago

I think it’s stupidly premature and most likely will spike C-19 cases in those states.
But that is just my opinion, I also think the GOP couldn’t give a crap about people’s health,they only care about money and the bottom line.
Again just my opinion.

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@SQUEEKY2: “But that is just my opinion”

It’s not just your opinion. It’s the opinion of every medical professional and anyone who wants the pandemic to end at some point.

@SQUEEKY2: “I also think the GOP couldn’t give a crap about people’s health,they only care about money and the bottom line.”

Well, of course they don’t give a crap about peoples’ health. But they also don’t care about long term viability of the economy, as their actions are threatening to extend a pandemic that is giving the economy a beating.

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Thanks @hello321 but what is your opinion on the subject?

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On the contrary, @SQUEEKY2 and @hello321, they do give a damn. This will effectively kill off a number of the people whose votes they are actively trying to suppress. Most of the people in those states who are most at risk are of a demographic that threatens the continued supremacy of those Republican governors. They are the ones working the highest contact, lowest paid jobs who are last on the lists to get vaccinated, whose communities have the highest death rates.

If they’re dead, they can’t vote.

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@canidmajor WOW that makes them extremely diabolical and evil.
But it does sound like something the Rep/cons would stoop to.
If ya wont vote for us then we might as well just kill ya off.

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In my opinion, a lot of people are going to die, and the majority of them will be from disadvantaged neighborhoods, i.e. Democrats. Yes, diabolical indeed!

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It’s time. We need to get back to living our lives. Open schools.Tell teachers’ union they get paid to teach in classroom.

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@si3tech and to hell with public health who cares if hospitals get over whelmed or countless more people die this pandemic has gone on long enough time to get back to normal.

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No, @si3tech, they get paid to teach. However best serves the students, not necessarily in person.

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The far right isn’t exactly well known for their brains.

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@canidmajor – Point taken. But how does this explain the Democrats’ lack of support for those same people?

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Someone told me that Texas governor is up for election and wants to reopen things to make the business owners happy. Not sure about Florida. I haven’t verified what I heard by googling it so I wouldn’t swear to it.

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@hello321 Not going around the barn with you tonight.

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I think your opinion is spot on, and my opinion is stay masked up and keep my distance until and unless something gives here in Texas. PS Abbot is a shit for brains and I beleive we may be in for a bigger disaster than the recent weather fiasco. We’ll see. Sadly I can’t afford to relocate and I have an opportunity to buy the rental house we are in for a reasonable down payment. I will have to stick it out..the wife is on board with that as well.

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There. is no reason to assume diabolical genius in the actions of red governors. Just the opposite. With a full year of catastrophic results from each and every rosy expectation concerning this disease, you might think these dummies ready to err on the side of caution, or at least, allow for the distribution of vaccinations before once again tempting fate.

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My first reaction was, “stupid is as stupid does.”

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@stanleybmanly I never said genius,especially when it comes to Republicans.

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My opinion if stated here would lead to my being kicked out of Fluther.

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Lots of people will get COVID-19 and some will die !

Trump quote – “It is what it is !”

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It’s just pandering to what many voters want, nothing more or less. 2022–2024 they’ll do anything to take back Rep offices.

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@stanleybmanly Exactly! There is no reason to ASSUME diabolic genius because they disagree. However. Whenever anyone disagrees with a left wing they automatically destroy the person BECAUSE they disagreed! There was actually a wonderful time (I remember it well) when people who disagreed with other people they SIMPLY AGREED to disagree. No decimation of person/character!

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@si3tech: “There was actually a wonderful time (I remember it well) when people who disagreed with other people they SIMPLY AGREED to disagree. No decimation of person/character!”

What time was this? Be specific. I’ll interpret a lack of response as a concession that there is no such time.

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@si3tech Hold on a minute. It is understandable that people will disagree. But this being a matter of life and death with negative consequences at any and every attempt to resume normal existence, what conclusions are to be drawn from those insisting we NOW resume business as usual?

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@si3tech Biden didn’t wear one either, it’s documented.

“Wearing masks isn’t a partisan issue,” the tweet read. “it’s a patriotic act that can save countless lives. That’s why I signed an executive order today issuing a mask mandate on federal property. It’s time to mask up, America.”

Unfortunately, just hours after signing the mask mandate Biden was seen posing for photos, unmasked at the Lincoln Memorial alongside his unmasked family. The Lincoln Memorial is federal property.

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^ Ouch. This is a bit of a self-own here. Can’t believe you posted this.

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IMHO We always could agree to disagree UNTIL Someone, for instance, decided eating meat was bad so: everybody needed to stop eating meat. If a book is thought bad for whatever reason (usually their own reason) we must ban the book. Not simply avoid reading it. Now, we must order networks to not carry conservative programs. Logically, wouldn’t it work to change the channel? This is the kind of NOT able to agree to disagree what we have been seeing for sometime. I find this inability to allow for individuals to make their own choices, that I find problematic. (silly, stupid)

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^ So you can’t specify when this was? Could it have been in your imagination maybe?

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^ That’s adorable, but doesn’t even come close to answering for @si3tech‘s claim. He’s having a very difficult time attempting to come up with the time. I think I know why.

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I’ve started a list of states I shouldn’t visit. Care to guess which ones are on the top of my list???

Of the1/2 million that died from 45 worrying abut them, you might find the 7 million votes that he lost by!!!

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“I’ve started a list of states I shouldn’t visit. Care to guess which ones are on the top of my list???”

TX & FL?

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@Brian1946 I believe MS and N Ohio or Iowa, too. A few more anyway.

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@hello321 Their claim of remembering a time when people were capable of agreeing to disagree without hostility, correct?

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I remember a time when I had no issues with differing opinions. But that was before any differing opinion automatically made me a New World Order bug bear, working for some shadowy agency to take guns and in inject people with micro chips. Yeah, ok. Boo! You are under arrest. Happy now?

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@Nomore_lockout You could say the same for the other side, to be fair.

I’ve watched both sides do incredible mental gymnastics to paint the other as ‘evil’ or ‘anti-American’ since I started being interested in politics as a tween. In the last decade, we’ve really outdone on ourselves on the dramatics, collectively.

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@KNOWITALL I think you make a good point, but that being said, I see more whackadoodle crap emanating from the Right than I do from the Left. Just sayin’.

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@Nomore_lockout haha, if you do a not-so-deep dive, you’ll find both sides have some fairly extreme beliefs on the fringes. Environmentalists on the Dem side are something to behold at times.

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@KNOWITALL Wow, about a minute of that was all I could take gal. I mean, I’m all in favor of environmentalism and so is my wife. But even she agrees that those peeps put the Whacka in the Doodle, fore shore!

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@Nomore_lockout Exactly, every ideology on the spectrum has wackadoo’s the other side can point to as ‘examples’.

We are all so much more than labels from people who don’t know us at all. And even the video I posted, probably has some really good people who simply feel the pain of Mother Earth deeply. It may look kooky to us, but I respect their beliefs regardless.

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Well, frankly I can pass on the “Summer of Love for Tree Stumps”. But I get the point. LMAO that was something else. And thanks for posting that, it was a real eye opener. @KNOWITALL

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As an after thought, I have to say I have never seen anything that nutty, even back in the day in Austin, my own neck of the woods, And we used to by hippie / stoner central. My mind is officially blown by that, girl. lol Have a good day.

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