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Is it weird if guys drink cocktails? especially appletinis?

Asked by Gbach (53points) September 9th, 2008

i mean who are we kidding they taste good, and in the end they do have loads of alcohol in them so u do get pissed, i just dont see whats wrong? help anyone?

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it is the 21th centuri is it?

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good question Gbach,

well personally i dont think its weird if guys drink cocktails i mean as you said they are strong, they often cost alot more than beer so it shows class and in all honesty i am yet to find a cocktail i DONT like the taste of…

but i mean, its up to you, depends on the balls you have. Either you can be a man and drink whatever you want or take the mainstream option and agree with the world that men ‘shouldnt’ really be drinking cocktails.

and appletinis, try passion martinis- thats the one to hit.

drink on!

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I like “chick” drinks. But then I like all kinds of drinks. Nothing wrong in my book. In fact I think I’ll order myself a Pink Lady tonight.

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@AstroChuck glad I inspired you to order a pink lady, actually one of my personal favourites.
@Hoare i have the same opinion you do, i think we should meet up this friday and enjoy some cocktails together, what do you say?

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J. D. loves them. And if he isn’t a role model for men everywhere then I don’t know who is.

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There’s nothing unmanly about cocktails. Learn to enjoy bolder flavors, though. Start with gin and work your way towards whiskey. Here’s the path to cocktail enlightenment:
1. Appletini (barf)
2. Bacardi Cocktail
3. Tom Collins
4. Old Fashioned
5. Rusty Nail

Just don’t try them all at once.

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6. Fuzzy Navel

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Fuzzy Navel?!?!? Aw jeez :)

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0. Passion Fruit Martinin. It is unbeatable.

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whats in a fuzzy navel?

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and while we are at it what the heck is a rusty nail?

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Fuzzy navel: vodka, peach schnapps, and OJ.
Rusty nail: equal parts scotch and Drambuie. (scotch based liqueur with herbs and honey)

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@breedmitch thanks for your help, want to give us your favourite cocktails?

how bout we all create a top 5 list?

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Knob Creek and soda
Hendricks Gin martini garnished with cuccumber
Makers Mark Manhattan
Pisco Sour
Hornitos margarita on the rocks in a pint glass with extra salt on the hottest day of the year at 12:30 pm on a Sunday.

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@breedmitch wow you really seem to know what you are talking about, wanna give me some more info, im really curious now and want to know what else is good. wish i would have asked for a top 25 haha. keep going..

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Ha! Ask me about wine. Dave (Pupntaco) is our resident cocktail expert, web log and all.

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ohh ok thought u knew a little too much about the subject to be a outside source, but now it all makes much more sense, so what wine could you recommend? pricerange no higher than 30 bucks?

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@ciripet, what is your answer supposed to mean

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@waterskier dont drink and drive anything

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Thanks Mitch. Check my Mixology 101 post.

My top five:
Sidecar (Germain-Robin brandy, Cointreau, lemon juice)
Margarita (Sauza Hornitos, Cointreau, lemon juice, lime juice)
Old Fashioned (Maker’s Mark, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, muddled orange & cherry)
Aviation (Tanqueray, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice)
Angelo (Sauza Hornitos, lime juice, elderflower liqueur, lemon soda)

OK, that last one is a plug.

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@Gbach: Hate to threadjack, but what the hell, it’s your thread.
There are great wines to be had in any and every price range. The occasion also makes a difference. If it’s just close friends on a hot afternoon you can get away with a super-cheap vinho verde or splurge on a full, round white Burgundy.
The most important thing is to find a good wine store with a helpful staff. Many smaller stores now write tasting descriptions for every wine they sell. Find one of these stores. Ask the store clerk what they like to drink. If you see their eyes light up, start listening. If not, keep walking. Above all, start taking notes of what you like. It makes shopping for wine easier if you can recall the names of wines that you liked. Enjoy.

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Im a big fan of shots. Gets you messed up and makes you look manly. =)

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Funny thing, I don’t drink to get fucked up. One or two cocktails is my max. I don’t enjoy hangovers or feeling spinny.

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Why am I suddenly craving a drink?

Oh right, I’m on Fluther.

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Ummm…if a dude ordered that on a first date, I might wonder.

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from Scrubs

J.D.: I’ll have an Appletini, please. Easy on the ‘tini’.

Bartender: No problem, lady.

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where is the masked man now??
Personally, I love cocktails, I don’t see anything wrong with that

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@flameboi, just zippin’ ‘round in style.

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A secure man will drink girly drinks. One of our best friends was a bartender, so he knows all the fancy drinks, and that’s what he usually orders. We tease him about his “foufou ” drinks, but it’s all in fun. He’s introduced me to some tasty ones.

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I thought Scrubs made this all okay. Weren’t appletinis the cocktail of choice between Turk and JD?

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Again, great!
It seems you lave lots of free time!

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7. Banana Daquiri

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@robmandu: Been making wine?

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a guy liking cocktails. I’ve never heard of such a thing!

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Appletinis: very gay. There is something wrong with that. However, there are manly cocktails out there. Try a Jack and coke. Or rum and coke. Or a screwdriver. Or a brass monkey. Or vodka and red bull if you want to get really stupid

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8. Peach Bellini

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