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What is your favorite dog breed?

Asked by KRD (1086points) 3 months ago

Tell us your favorite dog breed.

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That’s difficult to answer because each breed has their own characteristics that make them special. For me, Jack Russell’s are one of my favorites. Gamey little loves.

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German Shepherd.
Generally speaking I don’t care for small breed dogs.

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Who is “us”?

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All of us Jellies I assume.

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The mutt that no own wants at the SPCA.

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Golden Retriever. They’re super sweet, loyal, love to play, protective of you and your family when appropriate, but otherwise non-threatening. I just hate the shedding, but nothing’s perfect I guess.

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German Shepherd, since I had one.

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Dogs are individuals, breeds are different types with different types of qualities and quirks, and mutts can be just as wonderful as members of breeds, so I have no favorite breed.

However I have loved dogs which were (mutts and) breeds, or part breeds, including (in no order): pugs, Westies and cairn terriers, Maltese, German shepherds, golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards.

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All of them.

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@hello321 Right, I almost put that!

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Out of the thousands of dogs I’ve met in my life, 95% of them were really good people.

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Dachshund followed closely by Jack Russel Terriers.

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But I also have to agree with @gondwanalon . The mutt that no one wants at the shelter cuz they think its ugly.

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Labradors! As I type, one of those is pushing a large yellow jellyfish into my legs.

I like the gundog type in general, so there’s a whole group of dogs I feel especially fond of: short hair, medium to large, responsive, loving, and happy to interact with people, not too sensitive. I’ve had Labradors so far, but I’m pretty sure I want a Beagle some day.

I agree that individual dogs have a lot of variation and don’t necessarily reflect their breed’s expectations. And it’s very easy for me to love individual dogs, even if their breed wouldn’t be my first choice. There’s a pug, a Maltipoo, and a Belgian Shepherd/Boxer in my extended family. They’re all so special to me!

Also, this: “Out of the thousands of dogs I’ve met in my life, 95% of them were really good people.”

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Greyhounds are objectively the best breed, and anyone who prefers other breeds is just wrong.

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Pug. My brother and I had a pug when we were kids, called him “Puggers”. Loved that mutt, he used to climb up in my chair and watch TV with me in the afternoons. Always huffed and puffed like he was on his last leg. I still miss that dang dog.

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My husband’s family had a pug when he was growing up. Its eye used to pop out of its socket. Shudder.

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Ewwww… our Pugger never had that problem, just snorted a lot and freaked people out. Gentle as a lamb though. RIP Puggers!

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@KRD Toy Poodle.

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Hmmm….like all, love most, but especially adore Boxers and Lhasa Apsos.

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I’ve never owned a dog, except for a stray that adopted us for a few weeks. Friends have had some great dogs: Labs, poodles, a Samoyed, a Basset hound, pit bulls, a Viszla, an Airedale, too many mutts to count. All were great. I couldn’t pick one over the other.

When I was little, I loved Lassie and I’d cry at all the Lassie movies and TV shows. A collie is probably a great dog but would need a lot of grooming (like my friend’s Samoyed) and also would be a high energy dog.

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I love dogs! when I was little I had a little corgi? ( I think?) anyways, we had to give him back to the pawn because my stepdad didn’t like him always barking when he entered the house… i do miss the little guy.

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