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Will just washing with water leach the dye from my hair?

Asked by hihellohi (125points) 2 months ago

I literally just dyed my hair this morning, and now I need to take a shower. Problem is, I can’t get out of it. Long story, but in short my hair is now impure, not greasy and curable with dry shampoo.
I however, do have the option of showering with just water. If I wash my hair with just cold water and no shampoo, will I lose a lot of color?

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Just don’t use hot water and you should be fine. What brand did you use and what color?

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@cheebdragon I used Nouvelle, in a blue colour.

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That’s what I was afraid of, blue is one of the most difficult colors to work with because it always fades super fast and in awful shades of grayish green.
•It’s very important that you wash with cold water and a sulfate free shampoo!
•Do not go swimming, chlorine will absolutely destroy the color.
• Not a great idea to wear anything white for awhile and if you don’t want to ruin your sofa or bedding, keep a towel around because the color will rub off on everything your head touches for any extended amount of time.

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@cheebdragon thank you for responding, and thanks for the care tips! I’m really worried that the colour will fade a lot even if right now I go shampooless and just use cold water, since its only been like an hour and a half since I washed the dye out. I hope it goes okay!

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The color won’t fade because of washing. It fades fast only if you wash the color off faster than the time specified. Using shampoo also doesn’t fade the color because the hair takes hold of the color. Shampoo helps only in washing off the excess color particles that are on your scalp and on the surface of the hair. That’s all.

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I’m a little confused about your question. Do you need to take a shower but don’t want to wash your hair? If so, use a shower cap to protect your hair and just wash your body. If I don’t have it right, and for some reason you want to wash your hair, shampoo wouldn’t fade it right away. When you get your hair dyed or bleached in a salon, they shampoo after the process.

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Just with water isn’t a problem. Didn’t you rinse the dye when it was first done? It’s not like you put dye in your hair and just walk away.

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