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When (and why) did UPS screw up their package tracking website?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30869points) March 17th, 2021

Previously, their UPS tracker would give you detailed information about every step of the way:

March 12 4:00pm picked up
March 12 7:00pm Sort center in Dubuque
March 12 11:40pm en route to Chicago
March 13 5:00am Arrived Chicago
March 13 7:00am Departed Chicago
March 14 2:00am Arrived Columbus OH
March 14 4:00am Arrived Suburban sort center
March 14 5:30 am On Truck for Delivery

Now – the only show the top one and the last one – they no longer show the intermediate steps.

Why did they change it?

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If I had to guess, maybe it has to do with using USPS over Christmas. Just guessing though. When did it change? Is that an actual copy paste in March?

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No, this was copy/pasted with times and locations edited for anonymity.

I noticed this before Christmas, I think.

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My incoming UPS package page shows intermediate locations on incoming package for this Saturday’s delivery.


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That is an option you can select. It is under a notification tab for that particular package. ( I can’t look now but I know it’s there.)

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