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What legal repercussions would you face in each of these cases, if you found this USAF drone, and decided to do the following?

Asked by ragingloli (48549points) 3 months ago

1. – keep it as a trophy
2. – dismantle it and sell the parts.
3. – sell the entire thing on the black market to some right wing militia.

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I would keep as a trophy.

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or 4. Return it to the USAF

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The worst that could happen is that you might be compelled to forfeit it on demand if you were found out.

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I think @ragingloli was asking what would HAPPEN to you if you did any / either of those things and were found out. (e.g. what would the legal repercussions be). Not what you would DO with it.

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I, for one, am contacting the USAF right away. Because I don’t care to find out first hand what the legal repercussions might be.

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can you think of any legal repercussions beyond the drone’s confiscation?

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Could make a great sex toy. And totally legal in Nevada.

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When people went around collecting and trying to sell pieces of NASA equipment that fell to earth, they threatened grave legal consequences, but then gave people a break when they surrendered the stuff.

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Of course they are going to threaten “grave legal consequences”. But were you on a jury, could you be convinced that someone retrieving a drone from a beach guilty of a crime?

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In Loli’s scenarios – yes.

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I agree with @JLoon .

One of the possible legal repercussions you might face if you found this USAF drone, and decided to either keep it as a trophy, dismantle it and sell the parts, or sell it on the black market to the right wing militia—if convicted, your punishment would be they would use tyhe drone on you as a sex toy.

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1. Check for aliens
2. Contact a lawyer.

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All three, jail time for theft of government property. You know who owns it and you don’t return it. Same as theft.

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I change my answer to call the people who own it.

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To add to what @kritiper said, they probably have a very good way of pinpointing its location.

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@JLoon Wow! What an imagination!

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