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Topic idea for TOK presentation for IB course?

Asked by Gbach (53points) September 10th, 2008 from iPhone

need a relevant knowledge issue to do a presentation on representing two views.

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How about the pros and cons of using abbreviations no one knows?

I’d love to be more helpful but I don’t actually understand the question. sorry

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I’m assuming IB is for “International Baccalaureate” but I have no idea what TOK is.

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@les you’re doing better than me. I googled TOK and the first thing I got was a reference to childbirth

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IB is correct. TOK= Theory of Knowledge. But isn’t the purpose of studying it to expand your mind enough to come up with views like this on one’s own? Seems like this should have been discussed in the first day of class.

IB can also be International Business.

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