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If your significant other had a severe peanut allergy, but you loved peanut butter, would you risk keeping a jar in the house?

Asked by rockfan (12726points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

I definitely wouldn’t keep raw peanuts in the house because of the risk of peanut dust. But I would honestly think twice about peanut butter. What do you think?

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Well, when my significant other started with AA, I banished all alcoholic beverages from the house even though I enjoyed a glass of wine at night and had no problem with it myself. The risk was too great for me to indulge my tastes when the consequences to him (to both of us) could be so dire.

So I guess I wouldn’t.

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If you have a jar of peanut butter in the house, presumably you’d be planning to open it. From what I understand, if a person has a severe allergy to it, having it anywhere in proximity to them is problematic so I would say no. I know there were schools that banned anyone from bringing it in to the cafeteria if one child was allergic. An interesting question is if you ate it at work, would particles still be on your breath that could cause a reaction when you got home.

As a side note, this seemed to be a big issue about 10–15 years ago but I haven’t heard it discussed at all in very recent years.

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Forgoing peanut butter is essentially ” the price of admission’ for being in a relationship with a person with a deadly allergy like that.

Going without peanut butter won’t kill you. Going with might very well kill your significant other.

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I would not. I’ve heard even a kiss after eating it could cause severe reactions, so it wouldn’t be worth the risk to me.

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I have to believe I woud choose my partner over a nut butter.

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Is my significant other also blind? Or perhaps prone to peanut butter dependence? Every house is laden with containers of lethal substances. I just happen not to be an ardent fan of peanut butter. It would be no big deal to deliberately restrict it from our house were there a kid around with an allergy.

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I would not keep it in my house. Even if your SO can read you might eat some and later kiss causing a reaction.
I have a relative with severe allergies to peanut butter. It is not a joking matter.
When he was young he crawled on the floor where people had been eating peanuts and ended up with hives on his hands which spread to the rest of his body followed by breathing problems. Scary!

Abstaining from PB is a small price to pay.

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No. My wife has a severe reaction to eucalyptus. I don’t go out and buy eucalyptus-scented candles or air freshener.

I like my wife quite a bit.

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I have to admit, I was extremely ignorant on this issue. I didn’t realize that simply kissing someone after eating peanut butter would cause a reaction.

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I didn’t mean to insinuate that not eating peanut butter in the house would be a deal breaker in a relationship. That sounds like a storyline that would be featured on Seinfeld.

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I would not take the risk either, if it was one of those especially aggrevated severe allergies.

Peanut oik and corn, various other things, used to be in virtually everything.

I knew a girl once who had a near-death reaction to a fog machine—that type of fog used corn starch to make it more dense. It almost killed her. FaBreeze also used Corn Starch and was deadly to her.

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No, that would be a stupid risk to take.

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@Smashley Let’s leave Nutter Butter’s out of this haha!

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@rockfan If my s/o had allergy or bad reaction… there would be no peanut products in the house. I have seen full blown anaphylactic shock from the smell of open peanut butter jar on table And depending on severity of s/o reaction I believe kissing her shortly after eating could cause reaction. The case I mentioned was severe.

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No. I assume smells are also included in peanut allergies.

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My brother in law has a severe peanut allergy and I stayed with them for a while. I did not bring peanuts into the house. I did keep a jar of dry roasted ones in my car.

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No. On a similar note, I have celiac disease and several severe food intolerances. As a result, my husband goes without gluten at home and generally only brings home food that is acceptable for me and the kids (who have similar food issues) to eat. When he’s out, he can eat anything, but he’ll get the occasional glare of envy from me and the kids. :)

He also won’t get a kiss from me if he eats gluten.

By no means do I mean to equate food intolerances with allergy – I have no risk to my life. The exposure is extremely uncomfortable and the reaction lasts for weeks… but is not lethal.

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Depends on how ‘significant’ the partner is.

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I’d have to love peanut butter more than my SO, so, no.
That would look really sad in the newspaper: “Woman divorces husband over a jar of peanut butter.” IMAGINE the looks you’d get walking down the street…

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I will not risk having peanut butter even if I love it. However if she’s allergic to stinky underwear then I’m done for.

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Of course I wouldn’t.

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Of course. Not eating something to which he is allergic is his responsibility.

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@Snipsnip A little harsh, no? Severe peanut allergies can be triggered by trace contamination and exposure and can be life threatening. Is it that important?

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