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How can we send a reward/present to Charles Russell, the Instacart shopper who protentially stopped a mass shooting in Atlanta recently?

Asked by LuckyGuy (39097points) 2 weeks ago

Here is a news video of the incident. Instacart shopper
His quick thinking saved who know how many lives and millions of dollars.
I want to send him something for stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing.
PM me if you can find contact info.

Bonus points: what laws would have reduced the chances of this happening.

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Such a lucky guy and heroic. Lucky also were those people warned.

Russell could be in FB or other social media. The challenge would be how to identify the real Russell if knuckleheads pretend to be him asking for “assistance.”

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This is the contact information for the Publix supermarket where it took place:

My guess is that they’ll probably know.

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Send it to the Publix attention Charles Russell.

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God bless this man!

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I think he should get a year’s free groceries from Publix for preventing carnage in one of their stores.

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My guess is Publix will do something. They are a great company to work for and get written up in the top ten consistently. Whether they will give him money or free groceries I don’t know, I think they should also, but I think it’s a sure bet he gets some sort of recognition.

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That is a great idea. I’ll bet someone is setting up a gofundme (which I don’t use) for him.

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