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How many of the total robbers reported in Italy are arrested by the police?

Asked by luigirovatti (2184points) 2 weeks ago

In percentage.

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Do you mean ‘accused’? In English, denounced has a different meaning.

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I cannot answer that question, percentage wise. But I have a friend who spent part of her modeling career in Milan, and she said the organized crime there is far more powerful in their organization and weaponry than the police are and have no fear of them at all. They will run the police right off the road.

Fortunately, the organized crime (she said, maybe so I wouldn’t worry—as I thought she was too young to be traveling abroad in such a career—she was not even a High School senior yet) normally (organized crime) doesn’t victimize innocent people, and, as with some countries in the world, may even be a better help to you if someone is kidnapped or disappears, as was the case somewhere else in the world I could mention (out of scope of this answer).

As far as petty thieves who steal from tourists and the like, I cannot speak to.

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Well, shouldn’t we then know how many thieves there are, in Italy, to start with?
And since it’s a profession that doesn’t need registration, I think that will already proof to be difficult to answer.

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@rebbel: I should expect the police would release some statistics sometime over the years.

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Are you asking about burglaries (breaking into private premises and stealing things) or holdups (robbing someone in person)?

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@Jeruba: I didn’t know “robbery” contained both the words “burglary” and “holdup”. I meant the latter.

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denounced? By whom? Whose assessment are we talking about? What are your parameters? What is the basis for ANY expectation of a reasonable answer to this question as it is worded?

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So are you asking how many people who are accused of committing a holdup get arrested by police? where the total is number accused and the portion is number arrested?

Or are you maybe asking how many reported holdups result in an arrest—where the total is number of victims or number of incidents (possibly not the same) rather than number of perpetrators? Because one perpetrator could possibly commit many holdups before ever getting caught.

Anyway, it would seem that law enforcement statistics in Italy would be the best source, and those ought to be more available to someone who knows Italian than to most of us.

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@Jeruba: I’m asking the first question. I’m talking about the perpetrators, not the victims/incidents.

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