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How far is a circonia from a diamond?

Asked by ciripet (108points) September 10th, 2008

ring given to me

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Like a premier league football teams vs a team formed by your neighbors
But Is not the stone, is the feeling involved what matters most!

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I believe that you might mean a Zirconian “diamond,” which isn’t a real gemstone, but a cheap, manufactured imitation.

They are worn a lot in public by celebrities, believe it or not, who have their genuine gems duplicated as Zircons so that if their jewlery is snatched from them in a “grab and run” event, the thief soon discovers that s/he has nothing of any real value, because the genuine gems are locked in a bank safety deposit box, to be used as collateral, if needed.

My late uncle gave my aunt a real diamond, many years ago, and it was valued (by today’s standards) at over $7,000.

When she passed away, it was given to me, and naturally, I took it to a gemologist for appraising. I found out that it was worth less than $25.

Without his wife (my aunt) knowing about it, had secretly taken it to a jeweler and sold it (during The Depression) so he and his wife could eat, regularly.

She never suspected.

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Should you keep it?

Well, was it presented to you as a CZ without subterfuge? That is, he didn’t lie and tell you it’s a real diamond, right?

If he presented it to you honestly and truthfully, then that’s good. If he lied, then return the ring and dump him.

Now, assuming you have a truthful beau, I’d like to know if this ring was given as part of an engagement request? or just as an ordinary gift?

If part of an engagement, then you might want to consider your relationship and your betrothed moreso than the ring itself. If you intend to marry and perhaps raise a family, a significant consideration is whether your husband-to-be will be able to provide sufficiently. Does he have the necessary earning potential that you will require?

(Note: you could be working, too, of course.)

If your fiancé is only ever gonna have a CZ-level of income, are the other significant parts of your relationship able to fill the gaps that that low income might leave?

Not saying money is the one and only aspect of your future relationship. But realize that a significant number of marriages/relationships dissolve and they cite financial problems as a key contributor.

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The fact that your intended told you that it was a fake diamond, is significant, because it is an indication that he will probably be truthful about other things, as well.

I knew one gal who, when she became engaged to her hubby, he was so poor that all he could give her was a paper cigar band.

She was married to him for over 65 years, and when she passed away, the paper cigar band he had given to her when he proposed, was found safely tucked away inside her jewelry box.

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Anyone else havng flashbacks to The Unsinkable Molly Brown?

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