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Brilliant marketing, or colossal mistake? Volkswagen is rebranding itself ...

Asked by elbanditoroso (29567points) 1 week ago

to Voltswagen – at least their electric cars.

Is this a marketing masterstroke? Or a total bust?

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Well, you are talking about it, are you not?

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I think it’s clever.

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Seemed-like-a-genius-idea-at-the-time kinda plan.
If anything, I can understand it if it’s merely a marketing strategy to get the car enthousiasts and – journalists to talk/vlog/write about it.
Thus putting lots of eyeballs on the brand.

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It got me looking at their website. Still not seeing anything there that Tesla doesn’t beat, and I’ll never buy a Tesla. So I’m still waiting.

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After that fiasco with the on-board computers cheating the emissions tests? I’m sure a lot of would-be potential buyers are skeptical…

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@elbanditoroso I firmly believe that “if it works, don’t fix it!)

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I’ve been a Volkswagen fan for decades. I hope “Voltswagen” is an advertising term like “Bug”.

Either way, I applaud their electrification.

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They retracted it – - – I think it was suppose to be on Thursday, you know April Fool’s Day.

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I read last month that VW was planning to move toward electric vehicles and will push to dominate the field. It is supposedly the policy chosen to counter the disastrous black eye of the diesel scandal and growing difficulties with squeezing higher clean burning standards from internal combustion engines.

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It is supposedly the policy chosen to counter the disastrous black eye of the diesel scandal

Regardless of their diesel disaster, electric is the future.

Getting ahead of the competition is smart.

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I kind of like the idea, I think the branding is clever. I’m not sure if it was necessary.

I saw a photo of this electric car a week or so ago and my reaction was the front looks long, which is always a no-go for me. It’s why I don’t buy BMW and some others. I was disappointed that the design might eliminate the car as an option for me. Hopefully, it’s just the angle of the photo.

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Feels like a marketing try-hard failure. Apparently some people like it though. I’m hoping they come up with some solid EV designs, but I’m not holding my breath either.

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I can’t see it being a success and I don’t personally like it.

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It is attention grabbing, but it could come across as too gimmicky. My feelings about it are mixed.

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Clever but it takes out “volks”, which means “people’s”. Still, I would be wary since we have a VW Sportwagen that has had many expensive defects, one of which they are not willing to fix.

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Yes, but most colonials can not even pronounce it properly, let alone know what it means.

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@ragingloli – I always thought it was pronounced “HitlerMobile”. But yeah, maybe I’m just not hearing it right ;)

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“People’s Car” sounds oddly Communistic.

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As does the T-Ford.
As does the CV2.
They were made for the masses.

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@JLoon lol

@gorillapaws I called a VW dealer, because I was kinda checking out the competition. This was well into their Electrify America campaign. The salesperson I spoke to knew next to nothing about electric cars. I was not really surprised. After all, all car salespeople make their living by selling IC cars. One example: the salesman had zero idea where the nearest charging station was to my house, which was fairly close to the dealership.

I do not expect any serious competition to Tesla from any electric car sold by IC dealerships.

@Caravanfan Unfortunately, it is not just VW. I have looked at the electric car offerings of many potential competitors. I was just a little intrigued by Lucid and Aptera. I am also intrigued by the MB offering.

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@JLoon My grandpa used to call the VW Bug “Hitler’s revenge.”

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My husband has wanted a classic VW bug over the years, and every so often when he comes across one for sale he shows it to me looking for my approval to buy it. The original style makes me think of Hitler so it’s hard for me to agree to it, especially when it’s painted black. For him, it’s a car that was made in Mexico (where he grew up) and I don’t think Hitler even occurs to him.

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Well, they took us all for a royal ride, didn’t they? Pranked us big time.

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April Fools?
Well, duh.
I disregard those April Fools jokes that start days, or a week, before the date of the 1st.
Weak ass jokesters.

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@crazyguy It will be awhile before there is enough competition for me to be interested in a purchase.

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@Caravanfan – Hummer EV should be well proven by the time your Rav4 poops out:

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