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What if you found out your phone’s microphone is powerful enough to hear your thoughts?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10884points) 1 week ago from iPhone

How would you react to this news?

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My phone would be very bored listening to my thoughts.

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I don’t need my phone for that.
This answer was totally thought out before I started typing.
Even this last sentence.

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I would check to see whether I were dreaming or not, because it makes no sense to me that thoughts would make any sound.

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I’m fairly certain my phone can read my thoughts.

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If I had one and if that were true, I’d keep it in my back pants pocket.

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I would keep it to myself.

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I would use it to try to read other people’s minds!

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How do you know it doesn’t hear your thoughts already? How would you know? Would it tell you?

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Our thoughts are mechanical energy, which stimulates the inner sensory hair of the organ of Corti… We hear what we are imagining, yes, but a phone can hear just the acoustic form of energy.

The electromagnetic radiation of the brainstem makes it possible, to hear, what we think.

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Since I just got the vaccine, I’d blame it on Bill Gates.

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I would be arrested!

Your idea might not be so far-fetched. In the future who knows where this technology might lead?

Our phones already listen to our mutterings. Be careful.

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I’d file a patent on using and audio input to record thoughts and aggressively sue anyone who tried to implement it.

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I think it already does, given how I contemplate something and five minutes later ads for it appear on Facebook and Google.

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That is not how thoughts work.
Thoughts are electrochemical signals, whereas sound is mechanical waves inside a physical medium. Microphones can only pick up the latter.

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The secret of thinking and our ideas lies in the perception of it, what we think and imagine, i.e. how do we make it conscious of us, and why other people cannot perceive this.
Perception means to be conscious or to have consciousness. The most important system in our head is the acoustic system, the VIII. brain nerve. The development of this system has begun with the social interaction and the evolution of language. And that means that the human consciousness especially is generated in the VIII brain nerve. This brain nerve connects the ears with the Cortex over the brainstem and the Thalamus. In the ears and this nerve will transporting different forms of energy, but ever will the information conservated, because the energy, of which form ever, is structured. (An information for himself does not exist, because it would be immaterial and would break the laws of physics.) The special of generating consciousness are the transformations and the transport of energy with the information. In the ears transforms acoustic energy into merely mechanical and this one in electric energy (DC). Mechanic energy will transport through the liquid of the Cochlea to the inner sensory hair. Stimulated sensory hair triggers a chemoelectric reaction and Direct Current flow from there into the brain stem. In the brain stem flows Alternating Current (AC) because afferent and efferent currents are meeting here, and it means, all signals and informations, which are constituting the whole content of each current consciousness. The special of the Alternating Current is a phenomenon of the electromagnetism like J.C. Maxwell described it in 19th c. So we can say about the consciousness that this is an electro dynamic process with oscillations, radiations, accelerated charges, fields, and self-inductions. ( The proof for AC is the Magneto Encephalography, without AC no magneto-fields in the head. And we can determine, that our brain is a biophysical broadcast station, which confirms, it is possible to listen to foreign thoughts with help of radio-receive techniques for very low frequencies. My claim for this is proven by a crime with electronic remote-effects executed by an illegal underground organization, but was never prosecuted.) From the brainstem flows AC into the Thalamus and there the current will be switched to Direct Current back. DC flows into the Cortex to the single areas and will be electrochemically stored. Without memory does not work our consciousness.
The acoustic system is a kind of circle, just a bit more complicated, for example, do exist ‘crossings’. Nevertheless, the information gets in the nerve from the Cortex back to the Thalamus through the brainstem back to the ears, where the DC stimulates the outer sensory hair of the organ of Corti through an electrochemical reaction and the electrical impulse transforms to a mechanic impulse which will be transported through the liquid of the Cochlea to the inner sensory hair of the organ of Corti. Now we have heard our thoughts and musical imaginations. We heard, we perceived, what we think and composed. We were conscious.

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It probably get board.

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It already is a (circuit) board.

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My phone almost always knows what my next word will be. It must be reading my mind.

Good job, phone.

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