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What past questions would you like to see 'revived'? On what questions would you like to see more answers?

Asked by marissa (2665points) September 10th, 2008

Are there questions that have been asked in the past, that you don’t want to ask again, but you would like to draw new attention to them? If so please post the question and a link to it. You can also tell us why you would like to see it ‘revived’. Is it because you want more information, more answers or just more discussion of the answers received?

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Here is one that I’d like more suggestions on, because I have a whole year of programs to set up and I’d like to have a wide variety of ideas to choose from. I’ll be having folks pick about 12 charities/kind acts they can do.

Ways to help with $10 or less

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Most of the ones I have initiated…

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nikipedia asked “What is Humor?” months ago, and I thought and thought and thought about that, but never could come up with a presentable answer, and I don’t think it ever got a good response. That question has niggled me ever since.

I came across some information recently that cleared this question up for me somewhat, and I tried to go back and find the question, but it seems to have vanished. I looked through the list of niki’s Qs and it’s not even in there. I can’t see why it would have been removed. Maybe I dreamt it…

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How do I jailbreak my iPhone? sorry

Seriously, I’m about to resurrect one…

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@Harp: Thanks, dude. Google to the rescue.

Would love to hear your brewing thoughts on it. I am still clueless.

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@nikipedia, thanks for finding it! Harp had me very curious :0)

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OK, I posted my answer there, but that question seems to be somehow out of the main site here (what the hell is “”, anyway?), so I think you’ll have to follow your own link above to get to it

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@harp, niki – here is the right link for that Q. Harp, you will have to paste your answer on there if you want it to show on the main site thread.

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Done! Thanks, PnL! So, what’s with the “iceberg” thingie?

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hmm…i had asked andrew about it before, but I forget. I think it’s kind of like another version of this site where they test new features perhaps?

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Ooh, that would explain all the bunnies in cages…

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Thanks PnL, the other link was buggy on me too :0)

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