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To what extent is low morale in police departments and "defunding" leading to a rise in crime?

Asked by Demosthenes (12028points) 2 months ago

I’ve read several articles now noting a rise in crime in American cities since the start of the pandemic. One article indicated that homicides went up 88% in 2020 from 2019. A local paper in the Bay Area indicated that while some crimes have gone down, like rape, crimes like vehicle theft have skyrocketed in San Francisco and Oakland (not to mention all the attacks on Asians. A recent story of a man chasing a robber with a machete made national headlines).

The CNN article I linked cites a few factors that may be driving this rise in crime: economic collapse and social anxiety due to the pandemic, as well as de-policing in the wake of BLM protests last year. I’m mostly interested in the latter factor. Do you think police “defunding” and low morale in police departments has contributed to a rise in crime? If not, what do you think is causing this documented rise in crime?

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I think for about the last 100 years, cops have been used to doing what they wanted without much scrutiny. They were out there busting heads with their nightsticks, being rude and nasty to the public when they wanted to be, no cameras, no microphones, they were given a lot of authority and a lot of respect. Now, after video cameras show they’re not the supreme gods that they thought they were, the tables have turned. They ruined it for themselves. Now the party’s over.

I’ve been pulled over by cops and had them be unnecessarily rude, and so have people that I know (good people who were not rude to the cop). The time has come for scrutiny and this is why there’s low morale. I don’t think it’s a good time to be a cop.

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Defunding actually means they stop getting anti-tank, rocket launchers, armored vehicles (HUMVEES) and money goes to education and mediation rather than confrontational SWAT and “no knock” warrant teams.

GOP wants a well armed SS storm troopers. J.K.

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The rise in vehicle theft is directly correlated to the number of keyless ignition fobs left in cupholders, allowing thieves to drive away without any effort than opening the door.

The “crime is up” is not statistically verified. It’s a story looking for facts to back it up.

The “police morale” story comes from the right wing jackboot crowd. Police are upset that they are being held accountable for their crimes.

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@zenvelo: Crime is up in NYC.

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This is an absurd question that is completely lacking data. You want us to speculate on all kinds of things, so this question really is: “What do you think of the police and pushback against the police?”

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According to kamala Harris, the problem is White Supremacy.

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@Tropical_Willie Except in NYC. Defunding meant cutting staffing of police by a fairly large amount. Fewer cops on the street or available for OT for special events.

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@hello321 This article contains some data, if you or anyone else is doubting that crime has risen in many major American cities.

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Okay so ONE case does not mean ALL others are the same.

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@Demosthenes: I’m not saying that crime data doesn’t exist. I’m saying that your question has absolutely no data on any correlation between police departments that have been “defunded” compared to ones that have not. Without that, which would only be the bare minimum to have a conversation, it’s completely accurate to state that this question is completely lacking data and really is just:

“What do you think of the police and pushback against the police?”

You don’t have any data looking at poverty rates, mental health during pandemic rates, job, food, and housing insecurity data, or anything.

If you want my opinion on police defunding, I am completely for it. In fact, I am for a movement that places police abolition in the forefront of the conversation. It’s insufficient to merely defund these institutions.

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@Tropical_Willie Here in the real world budgets matter. If you have a budget of $1M and someone tells you that you are getting it cut to $600k next year, you will have to make decisions on what you will spend money on. Yes, future investments would be put on hold indefinitely, but those aren’t going to account for the loss of 40% of your budget. And those would be things like new tactical gear. The obvious cut…the one that gives immediate ability to meet the new budget…is personnel. As soon as you get rid of a person, you save the salary you are paying them plus any extras you are providing such as health insurance. So you start figuring out what each person costs you and cut the number that will get you immediately into the proper budget.
The downside of this is those that are left doing the work don’t usually see a reduction in work, nor do they see an increase in pay. Their equipment is getting old and needs repair and/or replacement. They are expected to do more for no actual reward. And that is where the bad attitude comes from. Eventually they realize that (a) they are being taken advantage of, (b) they are being put increasingly at risk, and© the bureaucrats that are caving to the woke mob don’t care since it isn’t impacting them at all. So people start quitting or at a minimum putting out a don’t-give-a-shit attitude. And when police get that attitude, word spreads pretty quickly and criminals become bolder.

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The funding cut WAS specific for defunding to cut back on armored vehicles, other over the top police equipment and NOT cutting funding for paying for police wages


Here’s the real numbers and not ones made up by the ‘right wingers’ ! Most applied the monies taken from the police for mental health and community services.

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