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How does my computer clock keep changing?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) September 10th, 2008

the clock on my computer at work is always 7 minutes fast. I change it but it always, eventually, changes back. How’s that possible?

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The clock inside computers (that keeps on working when the machine is turned off) is notoriously inaccurate. Those clocks are not quartz-based like a common wristwatch.

A software workaround is to regularly ping a known, reliable clock source on the internet.

What kind of computer/OS are you running?

And you should be able to get regular updates on your own, if needed.

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Yea, I’d use an ntp server to set the clock on the local computer. If you set it to grab the time once an hour, your could would probably be closer to correct.

Or maybe you are using ntp and the computer on the network that you are using to set your local time is seven minutes fast.

Really it could be a lot of things. Do you shut your computer off? Is it wrong when you boot up? Does it get more wrong during the day?

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I agree with bodyhead and robmandu. Set the time to sync with an NTP server.

However sometimes it can be that the clock in your BIOS settings is wrong and that’s causing the problem. If the NTP server doesn’t help, then try having a look in your BIOS settings.

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Well my computer is on a network but I checked other computers near me and they had different times too! I watched the clock ticking when you double click on the time and some seconds are longer than others, it’s very strange lol. It has like irregular ticking haha. How can this be though? it’s not a real clock. If my computer is trying to be in sync with the server then why are other computers on the server showing different times than my computer (the other ones also not having the right times)

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Actually, it is quartz :P It’s the BIOS settings or a bad timeserver setting.

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