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Now that Yahoo Answers is closing on 4/20, will there be an influx of new people here?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43565points) April 5th, 2021

Should we mention this site to encourage new participation?
Yahoo answers was not modded very well so there was quite a bit of junk.

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We could really use some new blood. I’d like to see them migrate here.

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Yeah,I don’t mind newbies as long as they play nice.

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“Only nice answers please!” lol

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We will need more mods if the membership increases.

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Many contributors here are “busy” on 4/20, anyway.

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I hope so. I was a Y!A refugee, so in case you need a success story to convince people to come here, then you can mention me :D

To be honest though, I thought Y!A died years ago. Last time I checked it was nothing but really shallow answers and very few responses.

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Tech news sorces report Verizon is junking the platform after seeing steady decline in new users & ads. Analysis found YA failed after it was taken over by political hacks & conspiracy theorists.

What a perfect model for wrecking what’s left of an already marginal & obscure site like this.

Y’all have fun now…

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“Analysis found YA failed after it was taken over by political hacks & conspiracy theorists.”
Same thing happened to “sodahead”. Though I got banned there for being a leftist long before that site died.

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@JLoon That is my fear, too. There would be a need for lots of moderation.

That’s why I asked the question. I value the opinions of others.

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Ooh, I hope so! It would be nice to gain some new members and have more activity.

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@ragingloli @LuckyGuy – Me too, and Amen.

Takeover by fringe groups is a common problem for this & other social media sites that were started up as experiments with bare-bones resources & minimalist rules. But as the Yahoo Answers trainwreck shows, it can happen to big time players as well.

Everybody wants more likes, more points, more subscribers, and more attention. That means more rules, more moderators, and less protection for personal data.

Tough choice when all you really want is to free entertainment and escape.

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Now that you guys mention it… I seem to notice an influx of new users lately. Most of them just post a few responses and disappear. Some others write controversial things and disappear. I wonder where they came from.

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We’ve had several waves of immigrants before. If they’re willing to learn and adapt to Fluther culture, it can be a very good thing.

But when some immediately start making demands for changes so the site is more like their old one (which we know won’t and can’t happen here), and then get cranky about it, it can take a while for them to settle down. We don’t really do so well with high-maintenance users any more, not since Auggie left her Community Manager role.

So—let’s welcome them and hope for the best, but still try to protect what makes Fluther special to us.

@Mimishu1995, maybe you could be a goodwill ambassador to the newcomers. You are a great example of someone who has integrated into a new community and become a valued contributor.

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@Jeruba I’m happy to :)

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@ragingloli You’re way too clever for sites like Yahoo Answers. That’s why you do well here because you’re surrounded by equally clever people.

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It will come to a total close about 4 weeks after April 20, which will be the last day anyone can respond to or ask questions. What will be there, after that date, can only be read.

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