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Can I get away with wearing a clip on tie?

Asked by allengreen (1618points) September 10th, 2008

I have a hell of a time tying a tie, and just wonder what the community thinks.

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Depends where you clip it.

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I’m serious! Can you tell if it clipped on or tied?

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duuude, you have to learn how to tie a tie…never under any circumstances must you wear a clip on. This is how I learned a couple years back.

By the way, this is the knot that James Bond wears.

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Yes you can. Even a good one. If your sitting and the other person is standing they will see it.

Sorry for the joke.

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By the way…I don’t tie a tie every day…however I do wear them to work daily. Once I have it tied perfect I don’t undo it all, at the end of the day, I will loosen up the tie so that I can take it off over my head, and hang it up to use another day. Saves time, but still looks good.

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@ randomMrDan – EXCELLENT advice!

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@Bri L Thank you =)

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if you’re a police officer or security guard then yes a clip on tie is OK otherwise no

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You should NEVER put something around your neck, that can be used to strangle the life out of you!

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Careful with that advice on not untying the tie. Your tie can get worn out in one spot if you leave it tied for a long time (especially in a hot car).

I’d say learn to tie the tie. It makes you seem more sophisticated.

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You better lern how to do it, if you cant, find a girls to do it for you before you go to work :) that always works :)

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[ Removed by myself ]

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@ all
Sorry for the misspelling on my previous post :p

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Everybody misspells can’t, on occasion.

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I’ll admit it: My wife ties my tie…..

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She’s a keeper! And yes, clip-ons are tacky (even if you are a cop, though I understand the rationale).

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You can get away with a clip-on tie only if having a real tie is a safety hazard. This means heavy machine operator (since it can get caught in the machinery) or cop (since if it is grabbed and yanked, the cop is at a disadvantage).

Otherwise, it’s a fashion tragedy. If you don’t want to tie a tie, don’t wear one; if you must wear one because of a dress code, learn to tie it.

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@ Jack A.
I misspelled:
But thank you for your support! lol

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thanks cwilbur

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Keep letting your wife tie them for you, if she doesn’t mind. You could even use RandomMrdan’s approach, and have her tie them all (on you) at one time, then hang them up that way. Then she won’t have to be “on call”, and can do it at a convenient time for her. IMO, clip-ons are for 8 year old boys, not men.

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@flameboi: I’m similar to an underwired bra:

I supply excellent support, for as long as I can.


I thought you were terrific, in The Fantastic Four, but why have you changed your name?

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police officers—that’s about it. but stick around, it’ll be a fad soon.

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LEO’s are the only people who should wear a clip on tie….

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Sorry dude, I agree with the collective. If you’re not going to wear the real thing, don’t wear one at all.

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Many folks cannot tell the difference.

I would rather pour sulphuric acid down the throat of my worst enemy, than wear a conventional necktie.

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I’m going against the pack here Allen, why not give zip ties a try? They offer all the convenience of a clip on without the tackiness. Yes, the ones I linked to are for boys, but if you try hard enough I’ll bet you can find them for men.

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I still won’t put anything around my neck, that can be used to choke me.

Too many sickos in the world, nowadays, and some of them vote!

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@Jack, one day my middle son saw his father wearing a tie (a very rare occasion), he looked at him and said “Hey look, Daddy’s wearing a leash!” I guess you might have a point about not wearing anything around your neck.

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I have an electronic leash.

Some folks refer to it as a cell phone

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Good! Now I can “stop following” this topic.

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So, where’s the lurve Allen?

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c’mon they only let me click it once…..

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Lurve accepted! Thank you!

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