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If Romeo and Juliet had lived, would their marriage have united the Montagues and the Capulets?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29574points) 1 week ago

Or would the two families have continued to fight each other and remained enemies?

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I think it would wind up like the Hatfields and the McCoy’s. Some would still hate each other, others would marry each other, others wouldn’t care.

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No. They would have moved to California to avoid the in-laws.

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Some of the cousins would have though it ridiculous that the families were still feuding, but yes, I think parts of the families would still have been enemies, and I think it would come up in backhanded ways if they tried to hide it. Romeo and Juliet would have had to leave Verona and move to another city, but then they would not have had the wealth of their families and eventually it would have weighed on the couple causing conflict. We should write a play about it. Have the two wake up, it was not real poison, but just a drug that slows their hearts and breathing temporarily.

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Where’s the drama in THAT? That’s not a classic. It’s standard fare on the Hallmark Channel.

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True. LOL.

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They would have moved to Mississippi to get away from the bitching.

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As much as the Windsors and the Markles….

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Or else they could move to the Ozarks and set up a money-laundering casino.

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Very doubtful. In their “culture in time” parent’s word was law. Female’s were property, good for keeping house (if no servants) & producing children.
Unacceptable to we modern ladies, but That was Then-This is now.

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..I agree with the “culture in time”. Most likely there would have just been more bloodshed.

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