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Could you help me find the title of a book I forgot?

Asked by luigirovatti (2183points) 1 week ago

The author is a woman. She wrote it in the last 10 years. It’s a mystery/domestic thriller/suspense. The protagonist is a journalist, Jessica, who wrote a news article about a major event, but she copied and pasted it from somebody else’s work. The protagonist was the Mayor, the Governor, or something. Anyway, she, I think, resigned/was fired from the job with a severance package, and decided to take a vacation at the Hawaii. (Here begins the story.) Just as she was relaxing at the bar next to the airport, she encountered a fat woman with which she exchanges a conversation. They apparently have the same name, birthday, etc. The other woman claims she has a google alert (or something) for this. Anyway, they part ways, but later Jessica finds out she’s been scammed of all her money. It was apparently planned for a long time. The police won’t do anything to help her, so she uses a private detective (or something), who also is in love with her (at the end, they won’t become a couple). They search for various profiles on Facebook with the name Jessica and, I believe, they find the scammer under the name Jessie. In the end, I just remember that, with the help of another Jessica (or something) they kill the scammer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jessica and her friends were survivors of a cult. Her “boyfriend” was the one that saved them.


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You Can’t Catch Me by Catherine McKenzie.

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Good job, @chyna. Do you recommend it, or just remember it?

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I actually just Googled it. But it does sound interesting. I might try it.

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I read that novel a couple of months ago, and I can’t recommend it. The book begins as a fascinating page-turner, then it takes some weird turns that disappointed me.

To anyone who’s read or will read the novel, I’d love to share PM comments.

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