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What option (gadget) do you like the best on your vehicle?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20024points) 1 week ago

For me it has to be the power locks.

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I like the AC, which is not considered an option any more.

I like the backup cameras, which are standard now for all Hondas, so they’re no longer an option.

I’d say the power locks but I don’t even know if they’re an option on Honda – I think they’re standard.

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Power windows.

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Being a trucker used to drive me crazy if I thought I didn’t lock my pickup when leaving the yard, now halfway out I just point my fob at it and can see it’s locked.

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I like my backup cameras.
I love the door locks too, but I’m paranoid about going into a river and not being able to open my door because the power would be out. I’m not sure whether that would automatically unlock the doors or keep them locked.
In my defense, I do cross the river 8 times a day. And we had The Silver Bridge collapse (think Mothman) in which 50 people died. My dad had crossed that bridge the day before it collapsed.
Sorry! It seems I made this question about me.

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This answer might surprise – my favorite feature is the filling tank for windshield cleaning fluid.

The fluid is sold in gallon bottles. For every other car I’ve ever owned, the tank was much too small to hold an entire bottle’s contents. I’d always be stuck with a big, half-empty container, to store somewhere until the next filling.

My ingenious Toyota Prius has a tank that holds all the fluid. It’s great; just easily refill, then rinse and recycle the bottle. Life’s simple pleasures!

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Siren and traffic-light changer when I have the munchies and I’m on a pizza run. ;-p

A remote music changer so that all other vehicles are forced to play music that I like. It also alters all emergency vehicle sirens to play “Outlaw Man” by the Eagles.

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@Chyna….my dad eschewed power locks in the 70s for exactly that same reason…ending up in water. But you can unlock most cars manually now, can’t you?

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Automatic headlights including turning on at dark and dipping the beam when driving at or behind someone.
“This driver-activated system with windshield-mounted camera scans the road at speeds above 25 miles per hour. When you’re on a very dark road with no traffic, the high beams come on. But when a vehicle with headlamps on is approaching up to 2,000 feet or traveling ahead of you with taillamps visible up to 500 feet, the system will dim to low beams to reduce glare and avoid hindering the other motorist.” Ford website

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I love the trunk open fob button, for groceries and other items. My car is old and runs great so other than power windows and locks, nothing too fancy. The back up camera’s are nice but they distract me.

@Dutchess_III Also, don’t forget in water, you can pull the headrest out to pop your window and let you swim free. :)

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I love the suspension in the front fork.
And my bell.

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^^^^ I see what you did @rebbel Front Forks ! ! ^^^^

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I have had my car for six weeks now. I like the lane assist and auto braking of the cruise control. And i like that I can open all the windows remotely on a hot day to cool off the car before I get in. Worked great in the desert last week.

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Love that I can swipe my hand across the door handle on the outside to lock it, great when hands are full. Heated seats; GPS; it turns off if the fob isn’t in the car and it’s being driven (handy for car theft); skid control, hands-free phone. I just love my car.

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Heated seats!!

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The wireless fob, for sure. I never have to take it out of my pocket to unlock the car and start the engine.

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My 56 Pontiac had curb feelers and a heater that was under the seat.
My 97 Nissan had intermittent wipers.
My 91 Nissan has A/C.
Of course, a good stereo is always a big hit.

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Back-up camera. No way to see immediately behind your vehicle without it. I miss my blind-spot camera that I had in my Honda Accord.

I’m not even going to include AC and heat, because it is unimaginable to not have either.

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When I rented cars in the past two years, two features I really liked were the wireless fob and the lane assist (not sure if that’s what it’s called), when you are changing lanes or backing out of a spot, an alarm sounds if there are other cars or objects close to the side of the car.

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My 2008 has nothing “fancy”. The A/C is like heaven. And I couldn’t live without the stereo.

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Enhanced autopilot. It allows me to focus more on what’s happening around me and spend less mental bandwidth on maintaining speed, distance to the car in front and lane position. On the interstate/highway it works very well and takes a lot of the stress of driving away.

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Driving home tonight I realized how much I like the audio selection displayed in the instrument cluster.

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About the only gadget I’ve been able to think of that I particularly like (most I have complaints with) is the button that disables the automatic traction control. I usually disable the traction control because it gives me more power and control than when it’s on, unless the roads are really wet or something.

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My Ford 7–150’s “backup assist” is pretty cool. My skills of backing up a trailer are weak. With the back up assist I take my hands off the steering wheel and botta bing boo.

Ford has a better idea! Have you driven a Ford lately?

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@Dutchess_III My sister has cooling seats! I’m so jealous!

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We had cooling seats in the Escalade. Made me feel like I was peeing my pants!

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@Dutchess_III I have never sat on the cooling seats, but the heated seats always made me feel like I peed my pants. No thanks haha

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I called heated seats Egg McMuffin warmers. I’d get my McMuffin on the way to work and set in on the heated seat. It would be warmer by the time I got to work than it was when the handed it to me!
When is McD gonna start serving breakfast all day again? Waaaa!

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@Dutchess_III Ask at your local McD, we have them but they are not on menus or mobile app at least until 3 PM. . . . .

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They quit serving all day breakfast when the pandemic started. Not sure why.

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I wasn’t sure at first where this McMuffin anecdote would lead to…
I called heated seats Egg McMuffin warmers. I’d get my McMuffin on the….” I was reading.

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@chyna I mean, she almost went there, right? ~

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Apple CarPlay/bluetooth connectivity. I like the tech stuff.

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@Dutchess_III It was a staffing and crowding kitchen thing !

But ask it is a “secret menu” some will still serve after Breakfast hours.

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AC, intermittent wipers, and speed control are worth every penny. I really prefer manual windows but they are hard to find anymore. I don’t need a new car right now, thank goodness.

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