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What is "resetcounter" on the iPhone!? It keeps crashing my phone!

Asked by TKR (56points) September 10th, 2008 from iPhone

As above! It is listed along with lots of other things in my crash logs!! Wondering if a complete wipe may now be the answer including backups! Still want to know what this is though!! Thanks! It’s am original iPhone!

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What iPhone OS are you running? And what 3rd-party apps are you running?

Does the unit crash when you perform a specific activity? Can you reproduce a crash on demand?

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I’m running 2.0.2 and it crashes with and without any third party apps. I can’t reproduce the crash on demand. It can last hrs or days then when I press the wake or home button to use it, it doesn’t respond and the only way I can get it working again is to hold down the 2 buttons until it reboots!

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First thing’s first. Upgrade the OS to 2.1. One of the benefits is fewer crashes.

Available Friday, September 12th.

Here’s how.

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Ideal! Yet another update, let’s hope this one fixes things! Didn’t realise that was out today so il download it later and see how it goes! Cheers!

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Downloaded the update yesterday, just crashed completely again!! Any ideas!?

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Did you figure out the reason for crashing!? I do have the exact same problem with my iPod Touch 2G.

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