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Can one eat fruit with the skin on?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18548points) 1 month ago

Like in the movie K-pax?

For example banana peels and kiwi fruit skins?

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Apples – all the time. Same with pears.

Or do you mean oranges and other citrusians?

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some yes, some no, it will mess up your digestion. Read today you don’t have to peel kiwis.

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@elbanditoroso Yes. Oranges and other fruits. We can eat their zests. So why not the whole peel? Animals are fed the parts that humans don’t eat.

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Animals can digest roughage much better than humans now can. 1,000,000 years of prepping and cooking food has softened our digestive system.

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You really don’t want to eat the skin of a pineapple. That’ll cut up you insides like chewing glass.

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It depends upon the fruit you want to eat

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Tomato is a fruit and I eat it (skin on) practically every day.

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Plums, nectarines, and peaches too.

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Of the fruits we eat, the only ones we peel are citrus.

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@SnipSnip You eat the outside of a pineapple? You eat mango and papaya skins?

I don’t eat avocado skins.

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Grapes are optional !


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Some will avoid skins because pesticides can be concentrated on them.
Getting organic produce can help avoid that.

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@zenvelo I said of the fruits we eat

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I have eaten orange peels and had no adverse affects. It was actually kinda tasty. I tried a banana peel once and it was just too tough.

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@SnipSnip you don’t eat pineapple, mango, papaya, or avocado? You are missing some delightful fruits!

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Commercially produced citrus are usually coated with some kind of vegetable wax to keep the fruit from drying out quickly. That’s pretty hard to get off the peel.

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