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Do you think vaccine passports would be temporary or a long-term practice?

Asked by Demosthenes (11720points) 1 month ago

It’s interesting to me that some of the arguments for “vaccine passports” sound a lot like the arguments for voter ID: “well, you already have to be vaccinated to do other things like travel to certain countries, attend public schools, so why not require it for visiting a museum or attending a concert?” But that slippery slope argument always seems a little…precarious. I can understand vaccine passports as a temporary measure until COVID-19 cases reach very low levels, but I worry if this becomes a permanent thing.

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I personally don’t understand it. I have a card that says I’m vaccinated. Why can’t I use that?

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^^ That’s where I’m at. But it seems to me that the Administration and the right are against them, so I don’t think it’s going to happen.

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When I was younger I travelled overseas with a yellow International Certificate of Vaccination stapled in the back of my passport. It proved I had been vaccinated for smallpox, yellow fever, polio, and a few other communicable diseases. I imagine the WHO will be adding a space for COVID now.

People ought to have the same thing for travelling by airplane or train, whether international or domestic. But for museums and performances? That would be too much.

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My thinking is that it probably will be a temporary measure.
The moment herd immunity is reached the need for vaccination passports will be no longer needed (to visit whatever event or attraction) in your country.
But most likely it will stay needed if one travels abroad/leave the continent.

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My guess is temporary, and only for things like travel might it be a requirement.

At private events the hosts can require whatever they want.

Possibly, the vaccine card would be the permission to go maskless in certain places. No card, put on a mask.

Once hospitalizations and deaths go way down they won’t make such an issue that people are still getting sick. Hopefully, the vaccines work well, and the virus gets squashed down to a very dull roar. We’ll see.

@chyna @janbb I don’t think the main issue is whether we use our current vaccine card or another document, but whether it’s ok to require vaccination for entry somewhere. I guess the passport might have an official seal, number, and harder to forge. Anyone can write up a vaccine card. Are the current cards protected like prescription pads?

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Here is an article about Gov. DeSantis on the topic. The article points out that DeSantis seems to be saying he won’t give a private business the right to insist customers be vaccinated, but that it is hypocritical to say a private businesses can’t decide that for themselves when DeSantis has let people decide for themselves all along whether to wear masks and to control how many people are together in a space.

It also comes to my mind that Republicans in the last few years seem to be saying a business owner should have autonomy to pick and choose its customers they are willing to serve so why not be able to say vaccinated people only?

I’m not so sure DeSantis is saying you can’t have rules about vaccinations, but rather simply saying he won’t put in an order or passport at the government level. This would be a typical misinterpretation I see done by journalists over and over again during this pandemic regarding Florida.

I don’t see the harm in having an official vaccine passport available, except that it will cost money to acquire one possibly. If it’s done at the federal level then it doesn’t matter what the state does, so this could just be DeSantis politicking again snd liberal media sucks it up and basically helps him in the end, because the Trumper no-masker group loves this schtick he does, which is right out of Trump’s playbook of manipulating the message.

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