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What's with all the flipping cobwebs!

Asked by McBean (1703points) September 10th, 2008

How is it that, in a few day’s time (and sometimes even overnight), my house can turn into the Haunted Mansion by virtue of all the blasted cobwebs that spring up all over? They’re everywhere, sans their 8-legged architects, and there is never anything caught in them. Cobwebs decorate my ceiling, the legs of my dining room chairs, the tubs and shower. They span my doorways – so that they stick to your face as you walk through. They rebuild as soon as I remove them. I can’t get rid of them! It’s a constant battle!

I don’t know why they’re here or what they could be eating, either. I don’t have ants. I don’t have gnats or flies – fruit or otherwise. So why am I plagued with all the cobwebs and their builders? And what can I do to get rid of them?

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Are cobwebs even made by spiders? I get a lot of them too, and hardly ever see a spider.

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What are they? They piss me off!

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Me, too…dammit!

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depending on where you live, air, dust, humidity and forced air through vents causes fragile webbings with no inhabitants. recesses in corners of walls near natural light and soft breezes cultivate dust into soft wispy patterns. poetic isnt it?

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Really? Wow! So there are no living things I can blame them on? except for myself for not living in a home with central air so that I can keep the windows closed during the summer months…

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To get rid of cobwebs, and those who spin them, please remember the following, always:

“Assassination is always an option.”

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The cleverest way keep changing of all and to have own language.This has a gap of that all this stuff has to be on the same wave.

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@pathfinder: What?

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I second your bewilderment.

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Yoda? Is that you?

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This recession has hit even the spiders…can’t make their cobweb mortgages and are forced to abandon them. So sad.

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@kikibirdjones – I believe you are right. But I’m surprised that there aren’t more 8-legged squatters taking advantage of the vacancies!

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