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Gun vs. taser. Do you think you would get them confused with each other?

Asked by chyna (46079points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

I have both. I don’t know what all tasers look like, but mine certainly does not resemble, in any way, shape or form, a gun. So how does a cop confuse the two?

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It’s the Oscar Grant defense. In the “heat of the moment” all training and presence of mind go out of consciousness,a nd cops are acting only on adrenaline and anger. They are not robots, don’t expect them to not make mistakes.

Patrol cops should not be allowed to have guns.

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@zenvelo: “Patrol cops should not be allowed to have guns.”

Exactly. This is often what people mean when they call for disarming the police.

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No. I would not. I also wouldn’t taser someone for trying to get away, unless I thought they were a mortal threat to someone.

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The video on TV shows his body camera and his partner with a “yellow” Taser on his left hip ! Gun right hip Taser left hip.

So he intentional drew his gun!

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As soon as I heard it, I called bs. There’s no way that is the reason.

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It’s about as likely as confusing my tooth brush with deodorant.

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She resigned.

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Did she took the safety off of her ‘gun’?

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Sounds like B.S. to me. Sounds like another judicial murder of a person of color by the Gestapo, uh, I mean the police. Guess they didn’t get the memo that the Trump Era is over.

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^ This has nothing to do with Trump. The terrorizing of black communities and murder by the police didn’t start in 2017. Come on. This is really pretty offensive.

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I don’t care if its offensive. They’ve been offending me for years. With the anti Obama / Hillary BS and refusal to take action on common sense gun legislation.

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Not offensive to Trump. Is this a joke? Do you not know a single black person? Are you very young? Christ, don’t you even remember recent history, like Ferguson? Wtf? It’s amazing how Trump broke peoples’ minds in a way that makes them conservatives just so they can take a jab at Trump.

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Ohhh! Good question @rebbel!

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I think it’s possible for someone to make this kind of error (myself included). This shooting should not have happened, but I do believe it’s possible that the officer could have sincerely made an error. That possibility doesn’t excuse her actions, nor relieve her of any criminal consequences in my mind, but I’m not a lawyer. It’s also possible she fully intended to execute Wright and used the taser as an excuse.

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@hello321 WTF are you talking about???

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No. But I would be inclined to draw my gun first. It tends to really gets one’s attention!

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The officer has been identified as a former union president. This explains a lot to me. Every union president I have met were bad at their jobs.

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@Nomore_lockout: “WTF are you talking about???”

Declaring that police violence against the black community is new is a pretty outrageous claim. I understand that you want to tie everything to Trump. But the problem with the police has nothing to do with Trump. It’s an institution that has been terrorizing people for decades. To make this about Trump is to erase the black experience in the US. It might be one of the more outrageous things I’ve read here in a long time.

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@chyna I don’t own a gun or a taser. I have no idea what tasers look like; as for guns, there is a general idea.

If someone were to say, “Halt, or I’ll shoot!”, I’m not about to look at their hands; turn around and look at what they are holding; grope for a light switch; or run, drop, attack, etc.

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@hello321 I never made any such claim. My point is that the murders of Blacks by “police officers” has gotten out of hand since Trump came on the scene, and he never spoke out against it. Don’t read anything into this that’s not in there. And in every case, the authorities fall all over themselves to make excuses. And not that it’s any of your business, but I happen to have twin grand nieces who are of mixed race. So don’t be insinuating that I am a racist.

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Why don’t you guys stop attacking each other? All @Nomore_lockout is saying is that he thinks the cops killing Blacks is happening more often since Trump and @hello321 seems to be saying it has always been happening. That’s a difference of opinion; no need to pull out the big guns and all the anger.

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You might want to look into history of relationship between police and black community. You can go back to civil rights struggles of the 60s if you want.

When black men were being murdered at record rates during the Obama administration, white people asked “why are black people suddenly being murdered by cops”? They saw the protests following the murder of Michael Brown in 2014 and were surprised. Black people were fucking pissed that it took the proliferation of the smart phone for people to finally believe them. It wasn’t that police brutality was increasing. It was that it was becoming more visible to white people.

From famous cases like Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, and Philando Castile to the countless others, the killing has just continued. BLM protests erupted during the Obama administration. To blame the death of Eric Garner on Obama would be to absolve the very institution that is doing the killing.

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From what I understand they look, feel, and operate differently, so I doubt I would get confused, except to say that as I get older I do more and more things that to me indicate I am not focused enough or my brain is slipping.

The officer kept saying, “I am going to tase you” over and over again. It seems like she really believed she had her taser in her hand, so I guess that makes her incompetent at minimum to do her job. Legally, an accidental homicide possibly? I really don’t know. I’m not sure why she got so confused, assuming she was confused. Why didn’t the other officer did not notice she had the wrong weapon. All I know is Daunte should not be dead.

Is it so second nature to her to fire both weapons that she failed to realize she had the wrong weapon? She screwed up. Big screw up. I wonder if she has anything else on her record that indicates racism or that she has been disciplined multiple times.

If I use the analogy of a surgeon, if a surgeon has started to make mistakes and stays on the job I would still sue them for killing someone I loved, and I see it the same for the police. So, whether she made an honest mistake doesn’t really matter.

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@hello321 It’s hard to believe even now, after we’ve seen so many via video. I’m sorry it’s taken the rest of us so long for it to really sink in, that it is an ongoing issue, not just something in the past.

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I just saw that the officer in this tragedy is being charged with 2nd degree manslaughter.

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@Nomore_lockout and hello321 Please don’t assume cops are “murdering” blacks. People are getting killed, yes, but no convictions of “murder” have occured. You bias yourself using that term.

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@kritiper: “You bias yourself using that term.”

Of course I’m biased – against cops murdering people.

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I’ll be damn, we finally agree on something. @hello321. I don’t know what anyone else calls it, but when a man is choked to death by a cop with a knee on his neck, or shot numerous times in the BACK whole running away, I call it murder.

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Since the beginning of 2005 (through June 24, 2019), there have been 104 nonfederal sworn law enforcement officers with the general powers of arrest (e.g., police officers, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, etc.) who have been arrested for murder or manslaughter resulting from an on-duty shooting where the officer shot and killed someone at incidents throughout the United States. Of those 104 officers, to date only 35 have been convicted of a crime resulting from the on-duty shooting (15 by guilty plea, 20 by jury trial, and none convicted by a bench trial).

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@KNOWITALL And only going back to 2015, there have been more than 5,000 fatal shootings by an on-duty police officer

That doesn’t count any of the ten year longer period in your stats on convictions.

Police are not held accountable.

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@zenvelo Numbers don’t lie.

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That’s right up there with “guns don’t kill”.

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“murder… 1 : the crime of unlawfully killing a person esp. with malice aforethought…”
“murder… 1 : to kill (a human being) unlawfully and with premeditated malice…”
– both from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed.

For those who may not understand what the term “murder” means, by definition.

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