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What did other Police Officers on the scene think of Chauvin's actions?

Asked by crazyguy (2924points) 2 weeks ago

As I have been watching the trial, I have been struck by the attempt to second-guess the motives and actions with 20/20 hindsight. Surely, the perspective of a police officer who was present and witnessed the whole drama in real time would be interesting.

What do you think?

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None of us were police officers on the scene, so what we think is irrelevant to the premise.

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None of them told him to get off his neck. None of them intervened. They were more concerned about private citizens filming them.

In other words, they didn’t give a fuck. They are the police, they don’t give a shit.

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There was too much going on around them for them to be too concerned about what was going on behind them. Police are highly trained and police officers come to trust the actions of their own.
@zenvelo Says they don’t give a shit. But they must give a shit because they care about what would become of their own families if they were to be thrown in jail themselves.

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@Darth_Algar Nice cop-out. Not being a police officer on the scene has not restrained you or your buddies before!

@zenvelo Precisely my point. What seems somewhat obvious in 20/20 hindsight may not have been obvious in real time.

@kritiper I agree there was a lot going on. I half expected Chauvin’s defense team to pull out an old police video showing some cop leaning on a white man’s neck for 10 minutes with no adverse consequences. However, I think they believe they have planted enough reasonable doubt.

As to other police at the scene, their nonchalance seems to indicate they have been involved in similar situations before.

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Chauvin will get second-degree unintentional murder; with jail time of over 11 years. None of them were thinking and the outcome will find Chauvin, an ex-cop in prison. The other co-conspirators will also do time.

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I have no idea which question the latest person open the thread is responding to. I shall report it to the mods.

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@crazyguy ”... they have been involved in similar situations before?” You realize, don’t you, that you’re supposed to assume innocence of an accused before a conviction? Do you abdicate the proper legal system in exchange for mob justice/rule?

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You asked a specific question. One that is not answerable by anyone here. Personally I do not believe that you posted this question out of sincerity, but rather to agitate.

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@kritiper What I meant by similar situation was a fellow officer leaning on a guy’s neck; I have no idea what you assumed.

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@Darth_Algar Obviously. Since nobody here is capable of any research.

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That’s a silly and rather arrogant assumption. There are those of us with better uses for our time. Particularly when it comes to compiling data countering “evidence” researched by net addicts devoted to proving the world is flat. Get a (useful) hobby. Go to ebay and buy yourself a personality.

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@crazyguy You make it sound as if all cops are the same, all criminals, all capable, and guilty, of the same law breaking activities. And then you act like any comments you make are beyond reproach.

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Given all the discussion on cop attitudes; surprising that a number of police donated to the Kyle Rittenhouse GoFundMe page to support his criminal defense. Cops believe they should be above the law, and the only ones held accountable to the law are people of color.

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@zenvelo I have been meaning to, but have not gotten around to, an in depth research of Kyle. If you have any insight, please do share.

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