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Why was the custom of offering BIBS to Lobster diners, eliminated?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 10th, 2008

It used to be, when you dined on Lobster at a 5-star restaurant, the Maître d’, would automatically give you a bib, so you wouldn’t drip melted butter on your clothing, and no one felt the least bit embarrassed nor “strange,” to be seen wearing one, because it was “the thing to do.”

But nowadays, they aren’t offered to customers, and I wonder why. i mean you can still drip melted butter on your clothes, right?

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the prospect of having anything dripping down my chin sounds kind of sensuous.

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LOL! Noted!

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It is the cost of the bibs, that is why they were eliminated.

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I I think my generation was embarassed to be seen in public with our parents in bibs, and vowed to never do the same!

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@basp: You’re probably right, but as I recall, they were vinyl or some kind of flexible plastic, which means that they could have been cleaned and reused.

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Experienced diners know how to eat lobster without dribbling butter.

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You’re wrong!

It is physically impossible to touch your right elbow with your right hand (unless the hand is amputated), and it is also physically impossible to dine on succulent Lobster without having melted butter dribble off your fork and down the front of whatever is covering your chest!

Obviously, you have never dined on properly-prepared and presented Lobster, Sir!

(My tone is joking; the words are genuine.)

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Actually, in fact, I have dined on properly prepared and presented lobster, and I did so without managing to dribble butter on myself.

Perhaps you need lessons in remedial manners and dining etiquette.

My tone is not joking; my words are genuine too.

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Doesn’t matter. You’re still wrong.

I’m willing to put money on that.

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