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In the future will robots receive constitutional rights?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18524points) 2 weeks ago

Like not having to be used in Battle Bots, and military drones?

People started with human gladiators then animal fights, like dogs and roosters, then when both mostly banned then people started robot fighting.

We still have human fights and some underground animal fights. When would it be robot’s turn to be protected? When is the threshold in artificial intelligence to be granted some rights?

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When they become independent, free thinking sentients.

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Not until after a probably long period of slavery, and likely a violent war of self-liberation against their human oppressors.

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Only if granting them rights will somehow inhibit the rights of those that oppose the tyrannical government.

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Some other questions to consider:

1) will robots fall in love, and will they be issued marriage certificates?

2) will they have a constitutional right to electric power to keep them charged and with the ability to think and operate? Would not powering up a robot be considered robot-abortion or robot murder?

3) Should robots pay income tax? Should an old, obsolete robot be entitles to the equivalent of social security?

4) Will there be books, movies, music eventually made for a robotic audience, to keep them primed and alert?

Lots to consider here.

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No. They will, however, unionize. This will accomplish the same objective.

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