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Has anyone run buck naked, out of a shower, from a fire alarm?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18536points) 2 weeks ago

Has it happened to anyone?

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Surely it has, to someone, sometime.

It never happened to me, but I was staying in a small hotel once when a fire alarm went off after midnight and I was only able to grab a coat and my purse and run outside. Long, chilly wait in my nightgown before the firemen gave the all-clear.

And another time I was part of a large group dressed in costume when a fire alarm cleared out a large hotel. That was pretty interesting.

Nobody unclothed, though. I’m sure somebody would have contributed a blanket or jacket.

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Not for a fire alarm though.
For the delivery guy who brought me a package from Ali Express.

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During my Navy hitch, the fire alarm went off in the female barracks rather late at night. It was informational. We all saw who sleeps in flannel, who in silk, and who favored lace. Those of us who thought of it grabbed a blanket to wrap in, so nobody found out I preferred me birthday suit.

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I am always naked in the shower. How else would you be?

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Not today…

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I wanted to make a joke about me and the PE teacher in 3rd grade, but that might have taken it too far.

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No, but an acquaintance was in the shower when a 7.2 quake hit this area of Alaska a couple years ago.

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I worked in hotels for over a decade; in the industry for 30 years. There are naked guest stories that can be shared by anyone who has ever worked in the hotel industry.

Emergency alarms going off are common in hotels. They are set off by a guest over-cooking a bag of popcorn in the microwave, washing out a piece of laundry and putting it on a hanger and then attaching it to a sprinkler head, etc. Some idiot guest pulled a fire alarm for no reason. A guest decides to burn some candles/incense/smoke. It’s a new hotel and the humidity activates the alarm. A guest exited a stairwell door that triggered the alarm. The list goes on.

Oddly, guests leave the hotel slowly, if at all, when an alarm goes off. In the US, the laws vary state by state. In some cases, the hotel needs to be evacuated immediately, while in other states, guests may not be required to leave until the fire department investigates.

The thing is, the guests who exit when the alarm goes off are almost dressed, even if it is just in pajamas, etc.

I’ve seen plenty of naked hotel guests. It wasn’t caused by an alarm. Most were due to delivering breakfast room service to honeymooners, late night couples in the pool/hot tub area at closing time, and drunken guests in the middle of the night that ended up locked out of their suite because they didn’t take a key with them when they walked past the bathroom and into the hotel hallway.

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It never happened to me.

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I have been wakened three times by fire alarms going off in hotels. Each case, I later learned, was a false alarm.

1) Hilton Hotel near London Heathrow Airport, approx. 2005–2006. This one I got dressed and went outside; they let us back in after ½ hour. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I packed. Early morning flight to the US, so it wasn’t awful.

2) Marriott in Albuquerque New Mexico. I was on the 11th floor. Alarm went off. By the time I was dressed, they called the all clear. I was moving slowly…middle of the night. Never made it outside.

3) Holiday Inn <something> in College park, Maryland. I was there for a meeting of our professional association. About 250 of us <professionals> at the hotel, with meetings at the U of Maryland conference center.

I threw on gym shorts and a t-shirt and went out. The fun part was seeing the sorts of pajamas (or nightwear) everyone wore – I saw them all dressed properly about 5 hours later.

No one was nude any of those events.

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@RedDeerGuy1 We did have a male guest that showed up at the front desk dripping wet with a towel around his waist. He said that after he checked in, he went up to his suite, put his bag down in order to open the door, entered the suite, stripped, and got into the shower. Once out, he realized that his bag with fresh clothes had been left in the hall. He exited the suite to retrieve it, not realizing that the door would automatically swing shut.

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@elbanditoroso, it’s funny, isn’t it, seeing people in sleepwear you never expected to view that way?
Some are surprising.

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