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Do you have a rationale for the humongous covid surge in Michigan?

Asked by crazyguy (2924points) 2 weeks ago

I have been watching the Michigan surge with horror. My sister and brother-in-law live in Detroit; and through then my wife and I have made a lot of friends there. So Michigan has always been close to me heart.

I thought I had found my answer here:

However, the CNN story raised a lot of questions but was very short on answers.

Do you guys have any answers?

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I imagine it’s a combination of the more contagious variant combined with the sentiment of the far right wacko antimask brigade who stormed the capital building in Lansing.

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What is you thoughts @crazyguy ?

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Too many idiots not getting vaccinated. They think, erroneously, that because they believe in god and have white skin, Covid won’t get them.

I was appalled to learn that in Georgia, only 22% of the population has gotten at least one of the shots. (My family and I have all had them).

At this point, with vaccine availability pretty widespread, there is no excuse for not having had the vaccine. Meaning that these are people have elected to not get the shots. Idiots.

I have a very hard time being sympathetic to the people in Michigan (or anywhere else) who haven’t gotten the vaccines and then cry about getting infected.

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@elbanditoroso I never feel schadenfreude or anger about people getting ill, even if it’s because of their decisions. If I did that I would be angry all the time. I’d estimate more than half of my job is dealing with people who make poor life choices.

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@Caravanfan – you have to be more sympathetic than I am; that’s your job and there’s the Hippocratic Oath. I get that.

As a layman, I have a different point of view.

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Do you have a rationale for the humongous covid surge in Michigan?

They’re dumb fucks. They deny vaccine validity, promote not wearing masks, and actively flaunt ignoring CDC guidelines.

the above opinion is based on my wife’s relatives, who live in Michigan.

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@filmfann Since vaccine efficacy is running at 99%+, it sure seems idiotic to be not clamoring for a shot asap.

I played golf with a doctor today. I asked him about the rationale of a vaccinated person being able to spread covid. His answer cannot be posted here, but it was something like: that is the most asinine thing I ever heard of.

The only CDC guideline I see being flaunted in Orange County is: “you do not need a mask in small gatherings of vaccinated people. Even if low-risk individuals from a single household are present.”

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@elbanditoroso Yes, I understand. (And FWIW, I didn’t say the Hippocratic Oath. We used the Oath of Louis Lasagna)

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@Caravanfan Do you think American medicine has zero blame for the lifestyle of most Americans? As far as I can see, having a pill for every conceivable disorder encourages poor health practices. High cholesterol: no problem. High BP: no problem. Diabetic: a possible problem, but we can control it. Common cold: no problem – we’ll prescribe antibiotics, just in case!

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@elbanditoroso Other than seeing my grandson without a mask, my lifestyle has not changed one iota after taking the vaccine. That is the only reason my son, who is anything but an idiot, will not take the vaccine.

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“Common cold: no problem – we’ll prescribe antibiotics. . . ..” not going to let you be my doctor because common cold caused by Corona Virus.

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“American medicine” as a concept is nonexistent. Doctors are as victimized as the rest of us convinced that the money grab is all that matters. Clearly you don’t differentiate “American medicine” from the pharmaceutical industry or its cabal in league with the AMA.

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SPRING BREAK! They came to Florida and brought covid home. That’s where my money is. I was told Michigan is doing some contact tracing, so did the people travel to Florida? That’s what I want to know.

There is really no mystery is there? Spikes after Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, why is anyone surprised there is a spike after Spring Break time? We had a ton of people in Florida for vacation.

If you are facebook friends with me you see the video where I live, everyone out dancing and at festivals, at restaurants. My city is not spiking write now, but all those Spring Breakers went home, and my extremely vaccinated city (I am surmising we are above 60%) seems to be fairing ok, compared to the rest of the state and other states.

Here is Live Cam of one of our squares, Sumter Landing. Watch 5:00 to 9:00 EDT every night. Most crowded when the band is good.

Here is Brownwood square

Spanish Springs Square

Now you have them all. Sumter is the largest of all of them.

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@crazyguy The CDC has said that people who are vaccinated don’t need to quarantine anymore if they become aware they had contact with someone positive for covid. I think that pretty much says it right there that health experts are not very worried about vaccinated people spreading covid, even though there have been 5800 breakthrough cases and some were asymptmatic. Which, I want to know if the asymptomatic were actually presymptomatic, and why are asymptomatic people being tested? Maybe vaccinated people who know they were around a sick person and did get tested to be on the safe side? Was it a PCR test? I don’t think they tell us in the articles.

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