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Does speaking really scare the fish away?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18524points) 2 weeks ago

Or is it something that father’s say to shut up kids that they find annoying?

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“Or is is something that fathers say to shut up kids that they find annoying?” Very funny!

I can tell you from personal experience with my goldfish pond, that talking attracts the goldfish. If you stand next to the pond and just talk normally they will begin to drift over and start begging.
When I feed them I am constantly saying “Here Fishy Fishy!” over and over. That way they know I am not a predator and do not need to hide in the shelter at the bottom of the pond.
Some of the fish are 5+ years old now and quickly indoctrinate the new ones I add every year.

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I think it’s true: fish don’t get big by being dumb. Anyway fishing can be unpredictable, and thus lends itself to superstitions, but I think that one is probably a good tip.

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Depends on what you say and how you say it.

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Depends on how loud you talk.

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The same daddy, when his bobber tips, can’t shut up. Hooooo boy! It’s a biggie! Get the net! Wow! Is he a fighter!,

After it goes in the cooler, he baits his hook, casts, and tells you to shush.

As a kid, I was at a nearby lake every day it was open to swimming. Fish swam all around between screaming, splashing kids. Mostly it was minnows, but larger fish congregated under the nearby dock. They definitely hung out under the diving raft.

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Only the jellyfish.

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