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What's the perfect lipstick color for a pig?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) September 10th, 2008

do you even own a pet pig? well whether you do or don’t, i’m going with a blush red, sort of like a zinfandel. you’re not a pig at all, but what’s your favorite color combination in wardrobe that gets attention? what colors look good on you? if i were a pig, my color scheme would be browns and blacks and sometimes light blues.

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I think a bright rosy red lipstick, it would definetly bring out the lips to look fuller, with a black sleeveless dress and a set of pretty lil white pearls, if going out for the evening.

For day wear maybe a nice lil polka dotted dress.

Yes, both would look quite lovely on a pig.

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look at Sarah Palin.

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That’s what I thought of too, poof. And I’m not even American.

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Check with Kermit. He was hot for Miss Piggy so he would know. Or ask Paris Hiltons boyfriend.

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@gailcalled! FUNNY!

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Obama Brown

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@eambos! HILARIOUS! loved it!

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“I’m a pit-bull with lipstick on!” “You can put lipstick on a pig…”

My, aren’t WE mature.

A pig with lipstick on would look as attractive as a political candidate behaving like an ass before a world audience. Two demerits.

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that had to be the most blown out of proportion-taken out of context-hypocritical it’s ok for me to do about Hilary’s Healthcre plan but not in general about the other parties polocy- not even close to mentioning you or your vp pile of crap I have ever heard of.

Why the heck is the media not pointing this out?

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Pigs don’t need lipstick. They need silk purses.

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All the pigs here are admirable, recycle and wear chapstick.

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Well, except for that rowdy bunch that uses Burts Bees Lip Balm.

Hmmm. Do we still admire us….. I mean, them?

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Porky Pink, of course.

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@ marina – best answer ever.

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Rockin red, of course.

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Pink Petunia

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